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In the 20th century, while science and technology advanced, the sources of entertainment also had a turnaround. Cinema and radio were the popular entertainment media before the entry of black and white television.

Television is a marvellous invention and gift of modern science. John-L-Baird of London invented it, and since its creation, the television is now in a much better state. Videotape recorders and players are also fairly common nowadays. All of this represents a technological and entertainment revolution.

This article will guide you through the basics of TV and DVD equipment available for sale in Nigeria, and how you can buy them on Jiji.

Television is one of the most popular viewing devices used for global entertainment. It has become a norm nowadays for a house to own at least one television.

It once had an I, in the beginning, referred to as the “idiot box.” This is mainly because it had very few informative channels and was all about entertainment back then. This made the invention attract many people to spend all their time in front of the screen.

People started to worry when more and more young people spent most of their time watching the television. Some even preferred the television to their books. With time, however, the channels changed, and an increasing number of channels were broadcasted with different specialities. Thus, it became educational as well.


OLED and QLED are two new and high-quality television types now available on the market. Even though their acronyms are similar, they are not manufactured in the same way. QLED means Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode, and Samsung first used it as a marketing phrase, but it has subsequently been licensed to other companies.

The distinction between OLED and QLED is that a QLED screen includes an LED backlight shining forward through many layers to illuminate pixels and display an image similar to a standard LCD panel.

This technology is termed Transmissive technology. An OLED panel, in which every pixel creates its light source in various colours, is fundamentally different. This uses emissive technology as opposed to the former. Both of these designs are for sale on Jiji.

Comparison Parameter



Physical Size

More size options (49-98 inch)

Only 55 and 65 inch. Thinner

Colour Range

Very wide (83% of REC2020)

Wide (75% of REC2020)

Peak brightness

2,000 NITS

550-600 NITS

Cost of buying

Almost always cheaper

30-50% more expensive

Quality of Blacks

So-so. A blocked light source

Absolute black. Best possible.

Optimal Viewing Angle

As square as possible

Anywhere except extremes

Things to Consider

Before you buy your TV, consider the following;

  • Don’t buy a television with less than 4K resolution if you can’t afford it. Avoid full HD or 1080p sets (except if you can afford one with a 4k resolution).

  • Look for a television with a 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate because when it comes to the refresh rates, 60 Hz is suitable, but 120 Hz is better. A higher refresh rate provides smoother motion for movies, shows, and gaming.

  • It is advisable to get an HDR-compatible set as they offer more realistic colours and better contrast.

  • OLED TVs look better than most LCD sets. But QLED TVs are a reasonable middle ground.

  • Try to get one with at least four HDMI ports. And if you can opt for the newer HDMI 2.1 format.

On Jiji, this equipment is for sale at a decent amount. Depending on your budget, you can get yours from the available options NOW!

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