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The beans grinding machines are important utensils in the house. The beans grinding machines are used to grind beans into flour before being used for cooking.

It is iron machine that has a rotating sharp blade at its bottom part, while its top portion is used as a container for storing the ground product after processing. It also has several holes on top of it's container where sieves are fixed to separate the fine flour from the coarse one .

These machines are usually operated by hand or ladies can operate it using foot pedals depending on what they feel comfortable with. The types of grains processed by these machines include wheat , maize , rice etc. The cost of buying this machine varies based on its and quality .


A few days ago, I wanted to make fufu but had no idea where to get the right ingredient. Suddenly, I remembered that my friend told me about a beans grinding machine on which is cheaper than those found in shops and can offer you more variety too. So, I decided to go online and check the site out - it was amazing! The site had so many different types of grains and beans grinding machines and they all seemed cheap enough for me so I didn't think twice before buying one and now making my own fufu has never been this easy.

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Benefits of buying a beans grinding machine on Jiji:

1. It's cheaper

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These are just but a few benefits of buying your beans grinding machines or any other kitchen appliances on, so if you're planning to buy one for yourself go ahead and check them out.

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Other reasons why you should buy a beans grinding machine on Jiji include:

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How do I maintain a BEANS GRINDING MACHINES in Nigeria?

You will need:

1. Clean water

2. Soft brush or sponge

3. Mild detergent or soap

Method: 1. Cleaning method for all types of grinding machines (jiko): Fill the machine with clean water and add a small quantity of mild detergent/soap to it and mix well by hand, then simply turn on the jiko and allow the mixture to rotate within the machine for several minutes; this should loosen any particles stuck inside after processing your ingredients; pour out the contents and remove stubborn stains using a soft brush or sponge and fresh water; make sure you dry off all components before assembling them back together again.

2.Cleaning Method for Wood Mortar Grinding Machine...


Jiji is a reliable and convenient site for buying beans grinding machines or any other kitchen appliances in Nigeria. I've only been using Jiji for about a week but it has made my life so much easier - shopping has never been this fun and hassle-free!