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What is BAKING TRAYS (WOODEN) in Nigeria?

Baking trays are shallow containers with sloping edges used for baking pastries. Baking trays are made of different materials including metal, aluminium, tin-plated steel, pyrex or ceramic. Other metals such as cast iron or enamel-coated steel ware may also be used to bake pastry in the oven. Nonstick coatings allow for easier release and cleanup after baking, but do not help the pastry brown well. Darker metal trays reflect heat and will produce a crisper product than light colored metal ones. For broiler use, pans must have lip or handles high enough to prevent fat from dripping down into flame of broiler below; they should also resist staining meats cooked on them.


Baking in the oven is a complicated process that involves putting your pastry into an enclosure where it will be heated up and cooked until golden brown on all sides - this way you can avoid exposure to direct flames! The type of material used when creating these pans matters too because not only does metal effect how quickly food cooks, but also its reflectivity towards heat so dark colored metals like iron or steel give off more intenserays than light ones do; making them better suited toward producing crispier products if broiled at higher temperatures (simmering won't work). For successful results though make sure there's enough lip around.

Benefits of buying a BAKING TRAYS (WOODEN) on

For people who use ovens regularly, owning a baking tray is helpful for ensuring consistent results when baking anything. When shopping online through you can get excellent deals on an array of different types including round ones that are ideal for making cookies or even rectangular ones that are great for cooking meats. Look out for products that are made from non-stick coatings so your food will release without struggle while also being easy to clean after use!

Reasons why you should buy a BAKING TRAYS (WOODEN)

Jiji is Nigeria's go-to destination if you're looking for everything from household appliances to furniture and decor! We offer a variety of products at reasonable prices so no matter what your budget is - you can be sure to find something on this site. Quality may vary but our objective is to make shopping as easy as possible by providing listings of all the top brands in Nigeria, making it easy for you to see which are worth purchasing. Baking trays are incredibly useful if you like cooking pastries with crispy edges or just want consistent results every time. You'll find that Jiji has several options available at discounted rates so there really isn't any reason not to own one!

How do I maintain a BAKING TRAYS (WOODEN) in Nigeria?

Baking trays are extremely easy to clean. Afterward bread or other food is done baking, allow the tray with its contents to cool for about 5-10 minutes so you don't burn yourself on hot food. Once it has cooled enough, gently scrape any remaining pieces with a table knife and wash both your tray and any utensil before using again, preferably in warm water with mild dish soap. Trays without nonstick coatings can be scrubbed with steel wool pads if iced residue remains after washing.


Some materials used for making these types of pans include metal (such as aluminium), tin-plated steel or pyrex glass; other options might include cast iron on occasion if you are cooking in an oven without lights which creates more intense heat than what's needed for browning purposes only. Nonstick coatings make it easier when releasing food after being cooked because they do not stick at all but this also means cleanup will take much longer since there's no easy way around the task!