Flax is one of those universal plants, every part of each is used in some kind of production: stalks go for clothing, and seeds possess more benefits than you may suppose. Flax seeds are quite extraordinary. Flax seeds promote skin and hair health. Also, they trigger weight loss and help to lower cholesterol levels, ensuring general well-being. Flax seeds are rich in antioxidants and gluten free, so they promote digestive health and play an important role in normalization of digestive functions. Besides everything mentioned above, flax seeds have healing abilities - they restore arteries from the inside and prevent different types of cancer. What is also important, flax seeds protect organism against radiation and toxicity, which is highly praised property in today’s evolving world with the ecological situation getting worse day by day. One or two tablespoons of flax seeds every day can make your life longer and fuller - sounds like a good reason to buy some right now.

Flax Seeds in Nigeria

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