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Before the year 1886, vehicles were just a dream in the minds of a German engineer, Karl Benz. In the year 1886, however, the goal came true. It was the world's first genuine modern car – a three-wheeled motor car called Motorwagen.

In addition to his unique throttle system, Benz designed spark plugs, gear shifters, a water radiator, a carburettor, and other vehicle basics. Benz subsequently established the Daimler Group, which still exists today.

Since then, numerous automobiles have been developed with each incoming technological advancement. Although Benz was the first to patent a gasoline-powered automobile, he was not the first to envision self-propelled cars.

We have others who contributed before Benz, like Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot, a Frenchman who built a self-propelled engine in 1769, Leonardo Da Vinci (1500), and Simon Steven of Holland (1600).

It was not until the year 1902, though, that the automobile was introduced to Nigeria. And if you are thinking of buying a car in Nigeria, we sell fantastic types on Jiji.

It's difficult for today's generation to envision life before automobiles. People may now easily travel inside a city or across continents thanks to cars and other automobiles.

They have also had an impact on where people reside. People used to have to live close to their places of employment, but now they may live further away and drive to work.

Cars and other motor vehicles, on the other hand, have caused issues. Every year, road accidents kill tens of thousands of people, and cities are frequently crowded, resulting in massive traffic issues. And, when burnt as fuel, gasoline is a finite resource that pollutes the atmosphere.

How a Car Works

A driver controls an automobile by pushing pedals to accelerate and decelerate the vehicle and move the steering wheel to direct the path. Because the pedals and steering wheel are part of a more extensive system, they operate.

Types of Cars

Car bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of automobiles in the early days were open, having no fixed top. Apart from convertibles, most cars are now closed. Coupes and sedans are the most popular styles.

A coupe is a car with two doors and a tiny back seat, while a sedan is a car with four doors and seating for four to six passengers. Hatchbacks are sedans having a rear door that lifts. The remaining part of this article will inform you of the cars available for sale on Jiji and your buying options. You can buy any one of your choices as we sell all the types mentioned above.

Advantages and disadvantages of owning vehicles



  1. Mobility

Expensive to maintain

  1. Emergencies and Health. Owning a private automobile is the safest method to guarantee your health throughout an emergency.

Long traffic hours

  1. The independence from relying on public transport

Land space for garage

  1. Privacy

Frequent costs of car servicing

  1. Safety

Most Common Car Brands in the Country


Fuel Economy on Average


10 km/L to 13.7 km/L


12.3 km/L to 13.9


6.2 litres/100km


9.1 L per 100 km


11.4 L/100km


8.5 km/L to 13.9 km/L

Range Rover

12.4 L/100km


8.7 L/100km

Mercedes Benz

9.3 L/100km


9.9 litre/100km


10.7 km/L to 14.5 km/L

Where can you find cars for sale?

You can head on to Jiji to choose any car you want. You can also get car parts and other motor components that are available when you need to change them. To get any of the brands you see at the best offers, log on to Jiji to get started NOW!

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