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What is a WATERPROOF CAR COVERS in Nigeria?

Driving in Nigeria can be a risky affair. The ability to protect and preserve your car surface is very important in the Nigerian terrain. A waterproof car cover does just that: it covers and protects your car against elements such as rain, dust and bird droppings. It also helps keep your car shiny by preventing scratches when you're parking or driving through busy areas with lots of traffic. It's especially useful if you don't have enough space in your compound for to park inside a garage or shed, because it shields your vehicle from the elements while still allowing some ventilation. Besides, this type of covering comes with clear windows on both sides making them an effective anti theft device too!


A car cover is a necessity in Nigeria if you want to have an enduring, reliable vehicle. There are various types of covers of varying quality.

It's very easy to purchase a "waterproof" or "mould resistant" car cover locally on Jiji, but the problem with these is that they rarely work as advertised. A better option is to buy two separate products - one waterproof and one mould resistant- so at least you know you're getting your money's worth! But many people don't mind spending some extra cash to get an effective car cover that will keep their ride safe for years on end.. Jiji has the choice for you! Search for "car cover" now!

Benefits of buying a WATERPROOF CAR COVERS on

There are many benefits of buying a water proof car cover on Jiji. To begin with, it's a very effective tool in preventing the growth of mould in your car when you park it outside. The presence of shade from trees may prevent sunlight from reaching your car, but there is still moisture in the air that will cause the growth of mould if there's nothing to stop it. In addition, it also keeps your vehicle safe from dust and bird droppings which can severely damage its paint work over time! So don't wait any longer - buy a waterproof car cover today on Jiji!

Reasons why you should buy a WATERPROOF CAR COVERS on

Trying to find a good car cover locally on Jiji is no walk in the park. Generally, you would not get what you order because most of them advertise their covers as waterproof but they don't work when exposed to actual elements such as rain and humidity. On Jiji however, we have some of the highest quality car covers that will keep your vehicle out of harm's way while still allowing for ventilation! This ensures that moisture will be able to escape and thereby prevent rust and corrosion from building up inside after prolonged exposure. So buy a waterproof car cover today and protect your ride before it's too late!

How do I maintain a WATERPROOF CAR COVERS in Nigeria?

When it comes to maintaining a waterproof car cover in Nigeria, there are two main issues that may arise. Firstly, if the material is tightly stretched over your car without any allowance for movement, what you will end up with is neck strain since the neck is always flexed. To counter this issue, make sure the neck of the cover has some stretch so you can easily remove and put back on your car without straining yourself! Secondly, if moisture builds up inside after exposure to elements or just plain old condensation from atmospheric changes, that same water inside may start rusting its supports which will eventually cause holes to appear through which dust and grime can enter into your vehicle. Prevent both these pitfalls by following good maintenance practices outlined below:

1.Don't let water or moisture build up inside your car cover

2.Keep the mesh at the bottom of the cover clean and free from knots to ensure proper ventilation

3.Regularly check the clips on the cover to ensure they are not loose

4.Don't let your car stay outside without a cover during the rainy season

5.Never use a dusty or dirty car cover as this will rub off onto your paint job and cause rusting of metal supports over time.


Today, there are many types of covers that offer different levels of protection. In essence, you can purchase a one-size cover that will fit most vehicles or, opt for a customised version which fits your specific make and model perfectly. The latter obviously offers more security but it comes at a much higher price point. Whatever type you choose to go for however, rest assured that Jiji is the best place to find them! Search now and find the perfect car cover today!