Security CVs in Nigeria

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Are you searching for your next role as safety personnel? A curriculum vitae that is well-written will considerably improve your chances of winning the position.

As for safety personnel, you’ll be patrolling, inspecting, guarding, and protecting people or premises. It’s crucial to prove that you possess the experience, expertise, and patience to prepare your application.

With a tailored curriculum vitae that you can get done on Jiji, you can effortlessly create a resource that can land you a job in your dream company. Professional writers on Jiji can help you put together a document that will convey all the essential points and land you the job.

Who are security personnel?

They are employed individuals who proactively ensure the protection of merchandise, property, and assets and create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees and visitors. They patrol the different areas for periods, directing emergency vehicles and other traffic if a significant incident occurs, and responds to various sectors.

In your job duty as a safety personnel, you accurately report all incidents to senior managers, preventing and detecting offenses on-site, conducting searches of personnel, vehicles, bags, etc.

Besides, producing written reports, monitoring, and operating CCTV cameras and other recording systems are everyday tasks.

What are security CVs?

When you’re applying for a job as safety personnel, you need to show the recruiter your communication, organization, and selfless skills. A well-composed résumé is a unique way to provide an outline and exhibition of your credential, with a detailed work history and cogent professional summary.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to proceed with your curriculum vitae. You only need to take a look at the services in Jiji and find the perfect safety résumé writer to get the job done for you and improve your chances of catching a recruiter’s attention.

It is worth knowing that employers read through stacks of CVs for safety job roles, so you’ll have a good chance if yours is simple to read.

Structure of security CVs

It is essential to include the following sections when structuring your curriculum vitae for a safety job position.

  • Contact info – Make sure to include your name, number, and email so employers can reach you for an interview.

  • Profile – You need to make this aspect is punchy and convincing. It should be a brief and exciting summary of your experience, skills, and qualifications.

  • Work background/career record – This is where you share your work experience from your most recent role.

  • Education – Include your qualifications, diplomas, or certifications that are relevant to the safety job role.

  • Interest and hobbies – This aspect aims to impress recruiters. However, it’s discretionary.

What should you have in your security résumé?

When drafting your safety résumé, you should remember that you’re likely to have some competition no matter the kind of safety personnel role you’re applying for.

Your résumé profile is your opportunity to catch the recruiter’s eye and assure them that your qualification is worth a shot. It should be a brief 5-10 line summary of your safekeeping-related experience, skills, and capabilities to date.

Don’t be scared to take some time over this segment – it could make all the difference! Make sure to include:

  • Level of experience.

  • Relevant qualifications.

  • Your safekeeping skills and knowledge

  • Where you’ve worked previously

Your curriculum vitae is one of your most valuable tools to get to the job interview stage. The more effort you put into improving it, the more feasible it is to get an interview.

You will, however, need more than just an excellent résumé to survive the application process and get the job you are applying for. Good luck!

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