Reptiles in Nigeria


Nigeria has been a vast country, and its diverse habitats, from rainforests, mangroves, savannas, and forests to plains and plateaus, are inhabited by numerous wild animals. Populations of lizards, snakes, and geckos roam the various states of the country. Research has it that there are more than 123 species of these animals found in Nigeria.

This article will look at the various types that we have around by starting with their meaning and relevance. Let’s get you digging deep!

What are reptiles?

These are cold-blooded vertebrates that breathe air and are covered in scales, soft bone plates, or a mixture of both. They live on land and all throw away the outer layer of skin. Crocodiles, alligators, turtles, snakes, lizards, and slow-moving worms are all notable examples.

The metabolism of all these species is controlled by temperature, and they prefer a warm, dry climate. The ambient temperature also dictates how active they are and affects reproduction. They can be consumed, and people can buy them and keep them as a pet or for cultural exhibitions.

What is the importance of these reptiles to the society

There is a lot of fear around snakes and the other various species. What you may not realize is that they do a lot of good. For instance, snakes eat other small animals like rats. Rats are said to transmit diseases to humans, so keeping the population under control is very important.

They also play an essential role in human life. They serve as food, pets and have played crucial roles in art and culture for thousands of years through folklore, religion, and other popular cultural beliefs.

As pets: They can recognize people by voice, sight, and smell. Many can learn to do certain things when trained and cared for.

As food: The local population consumes snake soups during the rainy season to prevent colds. It is believed that the soup warms the bodies of those who eat them.

Different types of reptiles available in Nigeria

Sulcata tortoise: They are also called the spur thigh tortoise. They are exotic breeds of tortoise. They have a long life span as they can live for about 100 years and more. Their growth rate is superb as they grow very fast, and they are unique and rare. They can be kept at home as pets, and they can also be used for exhibition in a zoo. They are available in both males and females.

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Nile Crocodile: The Nile crocodile is crocodile species primarily found in Africa which includes Nigeria. They can also be referred to as Mamba. They are lizard-shaped reptile that has four legs and a long muscular tail. They are dangerous and very aggressive species, and it’s not advisable to keep them as a pet. Although they are social crocodiles, they have been responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year. You can, however, keep them in zoos.

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Other species found in Nigeria

Some other species found are the viper, Guenther’s lizards, Bosc’s leafy lizard, the Dunger linden snake, the giant forest gecko, pet snake python, and ball python.

Others include long mangrove python, chameleon pet, baby scuatta, turtles, sulcata tortoise, green turtle, the West African worm lizard, and so on.

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