Recruitment Services in Nigeria


Over the years, people have been faced with the challenge of securing the services of drivers, cleaners, cooks, personal assistants, etc., through legal means or from a registered company.

But then, companies that specialize in recruitment services in Nigeria bridge the gap between people who have problems acquiring help and those ready to work in such positions.

Recruiters are individuals who work to fill job vacancies, either for organizations or businesses. They work by actively soliciting individuals suitable for the position, reviewing candidate's job experience, negotiating salaries, and putting the candidate in an acceptable employment position.

Recruiters do more than help people get jobs. For example, they assist candidates in preparing for interviews, help with resumes, salary negotiation, cover letters, counseling clients on employment issues, share market, and industry knowledge.

Processes Recruiters Follow

Although each recruiter will operate slightly different, some similar processes are followed, and they include:

  • Open Position

The first step of this process occurs when a client calls with a vacancy that they need help filling. Recruiters then gather all the details they need to start working on the position.

They will conduct profound research on salary range, questions for interviews, benefits for the role, presence of vacation or not, and reasons why the position is available. They also research management style, if skills are needed - soft or hard, start date, and every advanced opportunity.

You can check out Jiji for the various open positions available or if you need help filing a particular position of your choice.

  • Posting A Job

Companies that carry out recruitment put out all their open job offers on their business website or advertise on social media platforms. They also reach out to their network to know if any suitable candidates are searching for work at the moment. You can check out Jiji for several job opportunities if you are in dire need of one.

  • Finding Great Candidate

Most times, the average job posting gets at least 200 applications, and those applications could start coming in immediately after the vacancy is posted.

A recruiter will need to review all the resumes to identify the candidate with the skill required by the client. Once that has been completed, they will reach out for interviews. These interviews are essential to rule out an underqualified candidate. Head on to Jiji to acquire great candidates for your vacancies.

  • Presenting Candidates

Companies that deal in recruitment services speak to their clients about each candidate by discussing their work experience, career aspiration, and why they are suitable to meet the client requirements.

  • Client Interview Stage

Recruiters schedule interviews for candidates in advance, ensuring it matches the schedule for everyone involved. Then after the interview, the recruiter gathers feedback from both the candidate and client.

  • Job Offer

When a candidate is offered the job, a recruiter will often be there as a sounding board representing both sides.

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of how much companies with specialties in recruitment services can be helpful towards achieving your aspirations, you can check some of these companies out and the offers that best suit your requirements on Jiji.

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