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Several industries make up the Nigerian sector rendering different deals and packages for consumers. They include banking, retail and wholesale trade, tourism, real estate, telecommunications, motion pictures (Nollywood), information and communication technology, entertainment, and education sector.

Types of services

According to the different sectors, services can be categorized into three major parts: business, social, and personal types.

  • Business: In this category, the consumer is another business. Examples of business facilities include:

    • banking

    • technology support

    • transportation

    • legal representation

    • manufacturing

    • marketing

    • insurance

  • Social: These are facilities that benefit society. They get paid for by taxes and nonprofit organizations rather than direct transactions. Examples include:

    • fire operators

    • police

    • education

    • social work

    • food subsidies

    • foster care

    • animal welfare

  • Personal: This involves business-to-customer dealing. Customers are required to pay money to an individual or a business and receive a service afterward. Examples include:

    • doctor’s visits

    • haircuts

    • pedicures

    • surgery

    • house cleaning

    • therapy sessions

    • food delivery

Some personal services in Nigeria

The personal category may range from house sitting to personal shopping. This could be a good business opportunity for you if you think you have a unique talent for helping others manage their lives. If you are looking to hire any of these, then Jiji is the best place to find the best of them that you can pay for. They include;

  • Professional Organising: This offers different packages to tourists visiting their city. They make sure their experience is a relaxing one while taking care of logistical aspects during visits to a new place or city. They book tours, run errands, and even assist with holiday grocery shopping for tourists and other individuals.

  • Personal Shopper: While they serve individuals by helping them shop, this category also educates and mentors qualified personnel on initiating and running their shopper business. And this ensures the industry is constantly growing.

  • House-sitting: Different businesses do this. While they are about the well-being and state of their client’s house, they also offer a supplementary package for clients who require their pets to be looked after while they’re absent. They are tasked with taking their clients’ pets to the vet, should the animal be sick or require a check-up.

  • Wedding Planner: As the name implies, these types are tasked with planning the best weddings, from interior decorations to refreshments. They may also partner with the best wedding-related businesses, making sure their clients have access to special deals within their budget.

  • Mobile Beauticians: They offer beauty packages and pamper parties for those looking to be pampered and spoiled on their special day together with their friends and family.

  • Event Planning: These types plan different events but may also offer wedding planning packages. They create unique dream events, whether for an official meeting or a grand affair or party. They may collaborate with the top vendors and ensure the best expectations are met.

  • Hair Stylist: The majority in this category offers different hairdressing packages. However, many also provide mobile manicures and massages, which allows them to add some extra pampering and beauty packages for their clients. The hairstylists are sophisticated and experienced enough to style their customers’ hair in any new style they want, even if it is seen in a photo.

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