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A fixed appliance is a fixed life. Having a broken device or machine, be it a car, computer, telephones, washing machine, air conditioners, etc., can cause a drawback in our daily routines. It will disrupt business processes, rob you of your comfort and convenience, and in some cases, lead to the loss of human lives.

Do you need fixing or have challenges with your appliances, gadgets, vehicles, or machines? Sometimes you have the money but are not aware of whether you can get a trusted professional to handle your job. You, therefore, are not able to decide on how or where to get these repair services done.

This article will give you the necessary information on some of the mending works you can carry out and the different professionals available in Nigeria.

Generally, to repair means to restore and bring something back to its original function and purpose or, in some cases, to improve the function or purpose of the particular thing in question.

Classifications of Repair Services

Below is the most common classification of mending works that you can carry out on your wide range of equipment. They include;

  • Emergency: This is a situation where the fault is not foreseen or anticipated but could cause severe damage or destruction to the appliance or gadget. Some relatable scenarios where this classification applies is, for instance, a broken refrigerator in a cafeteria, a computer system crash on the day of a presentation, a phone that won’t power on, a washing machine breakdown in a laundry shop, a gas leak from a gas cooker and so on.

  • Urgent: This patch-up process involves situations that affect your comfort and convenience but do not necessarily stop you from doing other operations. Scenarios include a blocked toilet/sink, partial loss of gas supply, partial loss of electricity, laptop battery replacement.

  • Standard/Planned: This is neither urgent nor an emergency. It is often referred to as maintenance. It could be a case of refurbishing household furniture or general equipment maintenance.

  • Recurrent (maintenance): This involves the periodic replacement of worn-out parts of appliances. Unlike the standard/planned services, the technician is paid to perform scheduled checkups and mending works as at when due without the owner’s intervention. This is the case with industrial electricity generators or heavy-duty machines and vehicles.

Having gotten this far, we believe the next question you have in mind will be where or how you can get your solutions. We have that adequately covered next.

So, how do you find repairers in Nigeria?

Are you looking for a good technician or engineer that will bring your appliances back to shape or even better? Or do you need someone to resurrect your machines or refurbish your worn-out devices and restore your business operations or comfort and convenience?

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