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Letterpress machines are growing in wide numbers in the industrial setup of the economy. For effective communication, different techniques and processes are used by various industries.

Today, different printing equipment suits different requirements as they are available in many sizes. Larger sizes of machinery used are ready for heavy-duty or big-time printing businesses. Small and medium letterpress businesses can get small and medium sizes too. The equipment size plays a significant role in determining the volume of jobs that will be done in a day.

Industrial suppliers serve companies of various sizes and are in multiple locations in Nigeria. In other to meet the demand for industrial equipment supplies, businesses may vie in terms of expense, reliability, and service.

What is printing equipment?

This is any equipment used in printing ink on the substrate or production medium, which may be cloth, paper, or plastic. The advancement of industrial equipment changed several things in the world. It has made possible the transfer and protection of ancient records, scientific findings, and knowledge.

There's a significant improvement in those types launched in the market today, given the advancement in science and technology. There's also great competition in the industry, as many companies are now starting their presses. With the introduction of various features in these types of equipment, the process is now easier to do than in previous years.

Types of printing tools

Since they now use various technology, there are different types of printing in different methods. Each of them is meant to serve a specific purpose, and that is why you must consider your job needs before you buy yours. Some of the types include:

  • Digital Printers

  • Ink-jet Printers

  • Screen Printers

  • Embossing Machines

  • Offset Printers

  • Laser printers

  • 3D Printers

Industrial supplies include;

  • Screen – They relay an image onto a mesh screen by obstructing the areas that surround it.

  • Digital – They do not use intermediate materials like films or plates but rather produce printed materials directly from a computer file.

  • Letterpress – Uses ink being pressed onto the production surface, usually paper.

  • Flexographic – They are relatively easy to maintain and repair as they use rubber cylinders.

Some accessories you might need

  • Quality Papers: Poor quality papers will yield inferior quality products even if your printer is of high quality. Therefore, having good quality papers is essential. It is best to buy in bulk from a well-known vendor or brand that can ensure its quality like Jiji.

  • Paper or material cutter: Cutting is also essential for the quality of the final products. So whether you are dealing with papers or materials, you can always get them to shape.

  • Consumables like ink: Having suitable quality consumables is quite crucial for achieving a professional output. Ink cartridge or ink refills tubes are recommended.

  • Extra pieces of tools: Having some additional pieces of tools, such as binding machines, laminating machines, etc., is crucial if you intend to expand your business at some point.

How do you get yours?

Whether you're an individual, SME, or top industry, you can get any printing equipment and machinery that meets your requirements. So, check out our marketplace, Jiji, and buy what you need to not fall for scams or overpay. You can peruse the different specs and models that might interest you from those available for sale on Jiji.

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