Party, Catering & Event Services in Nigeria


Companies that exclusively specialize in party, catering & event services offer a 3-in-1 opportunity for you and a complete package. If you want to host an occasion, you need the caterers and occasion planners to make your party memorable.

Carrying out food preparation and the overall get-together means that the company helps prepare all the dishes for the occasion while also organizing and determining how the experience should be.

The relationship between catering companies & event planners

Companies that handle the dishes mostly hire occasion planners. This means that as an event planner, you can work in such a company amd you will manage the occasion from a food and distribution perspective.

There are three main types of caterers. They are:

  • Mobile/ delivery caterers: These types of caterers deliver foods through food carts or any food trucks. This type relies on the needs of the clients and requires fewer involvements. The mobile caterers would prepare the dish based on the orders made by the clients and deliver the food to their location.

  • Hotel/restaurant caterers: They mainly carry out the duties of menu preparations, banquet arrangements, table set-up, menu design, etc.

  • Private full-service caterers: As the name implies, they are privately owned businesses. The success of an occasion lies in the way it is designed by these kinds of caterers.

Types of catering

Catering refers to the process of preparing food for different types of services. Generally, this process can be overwhelming. So, whether your company is planning a meeting or you are planning to have your wedding, you will need the help of a company that can prepare some delicacies for your guests. There are four types of packages these companies can render to you, and they include:

  • Corporate: This is the provision of drinks and foods to corporate functions. These functions may be upscale dinners, small office gatherings, etc. It is essential to note that the atmosphere of almost all corporate get-togethers is relaxed, so it is vital to employ these professionals. Some of the functions they are majorly needed include board meetings, product launches, breakfast, etc.

  • Social gatherings: This type of category accommodates special functions like grand openings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc., of families or companies. Due to their minor nature, social gathering menus vary from occasion to occasion. Types of social functions cuisine set-up include: buffet, three-course plated dinner, outdoor BBQ, etc.

  • Wedding: This is one of the most important events in a couple’s life. A good wedding caterer also knows the wedding industry in and out and must deliver their duties in due time. A full-service wedding caterer is responsible for table arrangements, some decorations, and food presentations. They also supervise rentals like linen etc. Categories of wedding cuisine set-up include: food stations, cocktail receptions, buffet-style, family-style dinner, etc

  • Concession types: This includes sporting gatherings, competitions that happen seasonally, and other live concerts. Planning for these functions requires skills to ensure you have the right menu for your audience.

Your gathering has to be well planned with the help of caterers and occasion planners to make it a memorable one. So, if you need the help of any company with grilled specialty in party, catering & event services, visit Jiji to hire one for your next get-together NOW!

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