Part-time & Weekend CVs in Nigeria


The request procedure for part-time positions can be almost as competitive as it is for full-time roles. In most cases, they may be even more competitive.

Companies are usually looking for flexibility, reliability, and a perfect fit into their culture and ethics whenever they hire casual staff.

This is only implying that you should never think for a minute that your curriculum vitae has got to be any less professional than what you use to apply for a similar full-time position.

Whatever your reason for applying for a freelance opening is, whether you’re hoping to meet specific financial goals or need another income source to finance your extra responsibilities, your CV has to be tailored to suit the career. Use our résumé writing services on Jiji to catch the eye of the persons that matter.

If you require someone to assist you for a couple of hours a week or have to take on a different profession to finance your new project, you will likely come in contact with casual workers, even at some juncture in your small corporation.

However, most people, even employers, do not understand what job-sharing hours are. It is a frequent question to ask if casual employees get the same privileges as full-time employees.

What do we mean by a part-time position?

It simply refers to a profession that involves working for fewer periods in a week than a full-time career. Frequently, temporary employees work in shifts that are usually rotational with other freelance workers.

There is no clear definition for casual works as there are no legitimate procedures to help clarify the difference between temporary and full-time employees. This is usually determined and decided by the employer.

Tips for building a part-time job CV

Your qualifications for temporary work is similar to any other one, with only minor differences in most ways. You, nonetheless, have to illustrate your experience, credentials, and capabilities accurately.

While that is taken into consideration, you have to tweak your professional summary and some other areas of your résumé to reflect that you’re soliciting a freelance position. It would help if you also mentioned when you will be available for your casual shift and how many hours you want to work. Always be reasonable in this part.

Some tips include;

  • Present your intentions for going into freelance in the personal statement to enable the employer to understand what you are offering to his company. It should be brief and outline who you are, your background, experience, and skills.

  • Always highlight your achievements which tell your employer how good you are for the position. Avoid filling your résumé with lists of responsibilities and duties as they do not convey your value as much. You may only outline them briefly.

  • Match skills to the relevant positions to make the document applicable and engaging to the employer or recruiter. While your cover letter does this exceptionally well for you, it is good practice to do this on your résumé by tailoring it to the job description where applicable.

Your curriculum vitae assists in highlighting your professional skills and experience and communicate enough of your personality to allow forthcoming employers to get an idea of how you might fit into their different work cultures.

On Jiji, you can find writers who can guide and help you put together your part-time job CV that will convey all these points without including excessive information. If you also need to check out freelance openings, you can head on to Jiji and check out the available opportunities NOW!

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