Houses & Apartments for Sale in Lekki Phase 2

Lekki is a city in Lagos State, Nigeria, located to the South East of Lagos city. Lekki currently houses several gated residential developments, agricultural farmlands, airports, and a seaport currently under construction. Several institutions, estates, and new investments have also sprung up in the Lekki axis. The city has been described as one of the fastest-growing cities in the West African sub-region.

As everyone knows, Lekki is divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2. Let’s head on to the second phase of Lekki. The second phase is located in the north of the zone adjacent to E9 road (Highway), which serves as a central business district. This zone is developed for financial and commercial businesses, estate properties, and supporting facilities for production. So if you are a businessman looking to buy a house, then Lekki phase 2 is the perfect location.

Some options available for you in Lekki Phase 2

Do you want to buy something simple yet beautiful and comfortable? Then you will love this lovely three-Bedroom Bungalow for sale with BQ located in Lekki phase 2, Ajah axis. It is newly built and semi-furnished. It has a magnificent pop ceiling, all rooms Ensuite, a heating system, and a chandelier that wouldn’t just light up the house but light up your whole world.

Looking to live in a flats block, why don’t you check out these 9 units of 3 bedrooms located in Lekki. It has 3  bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with just enough space to park your car. It is newly built and furnished. Its features are water heaters and water treatment, an elevator that wouldn’t need you to stress yourself climbing the stairs, spacious rooms, and living areas, with all rooms Ensuite. You stand a chance of enjoying all these if you buy the house. Not to forget, you are guaranteed 24 hours electricity, security, and clean water. 

Many people want to live in duplexes these days, hoping you are one of those many people. A 4 bedroom terrace duplex is for sale now in Lekki phase 2 with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms for you. It stands on 300sqm of land. It has its floors tiled and a pop ceiling that would leave your eyes bulging out of their sockets and a well-designed dining area.

In life, not everything is about luxury or extravagance. You can still live in a comfortable, beautiful house, with a price that aligns with your pocket, a place with a homely feeling attached to it. If you would like that type of house, then I’m sure this 1 bedroom mini flat in Lekki will suffice. It has an excellent drainage network system and a unique family lounge. It is a well-fenced compound and is located in a safe and secure neighborhood.

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