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A CV is an important tool for landing a job interview. A resume outlines a job seeker's achievements, education, and work experience, as well as their unique abilities and strengths. A curriculum vitae (CV) is another term referring to a resume.

The words "resume" and "CV" are sometimes interchanged. A resume, on the other hand, is more typically used for seeking jobs in the private sector and has a more free-form organizational style, whereas a curriculum vitae is more often used for pursuing positions in academic or educational institutions and has a more standardized design and format.

Historical background.

The concept of legal aid began to emerge in France in 1851, when the government passed legislation to offer legal assistance to the poor. The origins of the legal profession can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. Although it was against the law in Greece to accept paid for advocating for another, the ban was regularly disobeyed. Lawyers could practice openly after Claudius' rule, however their remuneration was limited. During the late Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, a professional and regulated profession emerged: advocates gained more status, and a separate class of notaries (tabelliones) emerged.

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Legal Practitioner, Internship CV, Property Lawyer's Cv, Legal Counsel, Legal Secretary, Junior Legal Associate, Legal Assistant, Incorporation Services And Corporate Consultant, Personal Assistant, Legal Administrative Assistant and lots. These are just a few of the legal CVs available on Jiji in Nigeria.

Who needs legal services in Nigeria?

Legal services are vital for any business owner, but they are especially important for small business owners, who frequently encounter legal challenges. Protecting the owner's personal assets from business lawsuits, ensuring the business's protection against discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment lawsuits, and dealing with employee contracts, copyright claims, and incorporation are just a few of the legal issues that small business owners frequently face.

Specifications/purpose of legal jobs

This could include providing legal advice to clients, filing court documents, conducting legal research, and drafting contracts and other legal documents. The nature of the work will vary depending on the type of firm and an individual's level of expertise, as it does with many other law firm jobs.

Legal services programs, sometimes known as "legal aid societies," provide direct civil counsel to low-income and elderly clients for free or at a reduced fee. Legal services attorneys ensure that persons who cannot afford attorneys have equal access to the legal system. A legal services lawyer's practice entails a lot of one-on-one contact with clients, and attorneys take on situations in which a client's basic rights and needs are in jeopardy. Although legal services attorneys handle matters from a wide range of issues, family law, housing, consumer law, and employment conflicts are among the most common.

Pros and cons of getting legal services

Most business owners will want expert legal assistance at some point. Numerous online legal services have sprung up in recent years, allowing people and business owners to serve as their own lawyers. When you use Legal Aid, you are usually protected from having to pay the other side's legal fees if you lose the case. You must, however, contribute to your own legal costs if you get Legal Aid.

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