Management CVs in Nigeria


In general, management jobs are those in which your primary obligation is to complete tasks via the efforts of others rather than through your own efforts. They may be in charge of other individuals at times, but they do the majority of the same work as the other members of their team.

Managerial skills are necessary for leading a team and leading the company in the appropriate path. Planning and creating a successful plan, good communication skills, decision-making, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, time management, conceptual-skills, controlling, motivating, and managing the team are all vital qualities for a good manager.

History and background

Management as a practical, day-to-day activity dates back to man's hunter-gatherer ancestors, when he organized effective ways of achieving group goals in a highly coordinated manner. The word "management" has its linguistic roots in the Latin word meaning "hand." Management had come to denote the act of controlling ("bringing to hand") a horse or a wild anima in the sixteenth century. Since then, the word has been associated with authority.

The first contemporary school of management thought originated in the late 1800s, based on Frederick Taylor's scientific management concepts. Only if management is founded on a credible and well-validated theory will it be considered a profession.

Types of management CVs

How a person manages their personal money, the display of concern while dealing with anything fragile, how a skilled supervisor handles a difficult situation, and the CEO of an organization are all examples of management. Are you in need of managerial positions at your company in Nigeria? Check out amazing CVs on Jiji some of which are listed below.

Administrative Services Managers, Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers, Architectural and Engineering Managers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Financial Managers, Food Service Managers, Human Resources Managers, Industrial Production Managers, Management Analysts, Medical and Health Services Managers, Career Advancement Opportunities, Post-secondary Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare Center Directors, Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers, Public Relations Managers, Sales Managers

Perks and challenges of management

Almost every difficulty and accomplishment in an organization can be traced back to the managers' skills.

Managers have a lot of freedom and creativity when it comes to achieving their career goals, and their ideas are valued. Managers spend their days collaborating and communicating with a diverse group of individuals, which keeps work exciting and allows them to progress.

They are also more likely than individual contributors to recognize how their incentive compensation is linked to business success, providing direction and pushing them to achieve what is best for the company.

The difficulties that come with management are not insignificant. Managers have to balance competing priorities, ambiguous expectations, and high workloads.

Meetings, job diversions, and high-stakes decision-making are all part of their daily routine. They must either take risks that will lead to improved methods of doing things or risk failing. Managers are also expected to take on duties that may not be a good fit for their skills, which adds to their stress on the job.

Managers are frequently dissatisfied with the methods designed to assist them, as they are caught in an ongoing loop of urgent tasks.

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