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  • Personal Assistant Jobs

Personal assistant jobs are very widespread nowadays. These employees undertake a series of accountabilities of managerial type thus facilitating the work of directors and general managers of major organizations. If you plan to get a personal assistant job, your employer is likely to be from a big company, a charity, media organization, national government, financial organization. Concentrate on the primary duties you will be assigned to perform in case getting this vacancy.

Here are the main accountabilities entrusted on this job position whoever he/she is working for:

1. keeping diaries

2. receiving and answering calls/messages

3. appoint meetings

4. preparing documentation and contracts

5. preparing presentations, reports

What attracts employees in this job is that there is a great chance to be promoted into an administrative job.

To get this position, having a degree is a must. This can be a specialization in languages, IT, management, business, etc. Other skills that may make you a perfect candidate for this vacation include organizational capabilities, IT skills, flexibility to deal under pressure, adaptability in diverse environments as assistants sometimes are obliged to travel with their immediate employers and work in various conditions, perfect verbal and written communicating skills. Actually, a personal assistant job is a versatile position that requires much from its applicant yet not too responsible or complex tasks. To get a vacancy here in Nigeria, you needn't look further as the most diverse job offers can be found right here right now.

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