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An account manager is a position responsible for as building so maintaining reciprocally beneficial relations between the two sides -  clients and the organization. Any matter, question or request concerning a certain customer is to be sold by particularly the intervention of the person occupying this job position. Nevertheless, it is designed not only for providing the highest client satisfaction possible, but also maximizing the company's profits. Therefore, he should be inclined to driving more customers while not forgetting to develop new businesses with the company's current clients. Seeking new options is what an account manager should always be ready for. Passionate toward his/her job, somewhat ambitious and always alert - these are the qualities of a perfect account manager!

As a rule, there are certain criteria all candidates should provide the company with when agreeing upon this job. In Nigeria, there is no exception, either. A good account manager has to demonstrate amazing abilities of communication with any type of clients, be able to act promptly in case of unexpected situations, feature wonderful presentational, as well as negotiation skills, differentiating the urgent cases from those which can be paid attention to a bit later, etc.

In Nigeria, there are plenty of account manager vacancies available right now. Yet, before hurrying to apply to this job, make sure that you are capable of not only identifying all customers' requirements but also exceeding their anticipations!

If you feel this job position is what you were born for, no need to hesitate. Have a close look at every vacancy offered, consider all the sales terms demanded by the company, and decide which job you'd better apply for. Send your CV/resume (whatever required) making sure you have mentioned all your features that might be important or helpful for the corporation.

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