Health & Beauty CVs in Nigeria

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This field is one interesting and everlasting industry as it continues to evolve everyday due to multiple research and findings that are being carried out on a daily hence leading to new innovations, birth of new techniques and routines as regards to fashion and beauty.


Health and beauty are like two peas in a pod as one assures and affirms the other. Being healthy, eating the right size of meals, taking the right supplements, exercising can help you look good, and feeling good can improve your overall health and finally influences your outward look which is beauty. Hence, it is important to not take either as a joke because your health is paramount before you can even begin your path to achieving all around beauty.

The health and beauty industry is a very lucrative one as it has massively improved over the years as more discoveries are being made, research are being done all with the intent to properly serve customers giving them a more effective product for a particular problem or the other. These services are typically more cosmetic in nature, while wellness services are typically more health related.


It is a wide field consisting of various sub-factions in different areas of production therefore the number of employees in this field is large and is increasing daily as the need for supply and demand increase also. In Nigeria, they are many potential job candidates having the right experience and expertise waiting to be found and this creates the right platform for those in need of people that can render them such service.

Looking for the right candidate can quite be a hassle but that is what Jiji is here to help with as you can have access to several qualified candidates CVs’ and choose that which would work best for you depending on the niche that the candidate is more grounded on and the experience he or she has.

The candidates available are all professional in what they do and have proficiency in the common English as well as one or more local languages which help for proper communication between the seller and buyer.

Health and Beauty Services Descriptions in Nigeria

Black braided hairstyles have been popular for a long time and are one of the most attractive ways to protect hair from damage. With careful selection, one can locate one that is suitable for them. Black braided hairstyles are usually very comfortable for the person and provide them a stunning appearance. It alleviates the burden of hair style daily over the course of several months. Other hair services includes wig revamping, wig capping, wig coloring, and wig installation.

Waist and body massage is a relaxing massage therapy in which your therapist pays close attention to your body and bones, providing you with relief and comfort. Other beauty services available in Nigeria include facial and body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures.


Physiotherapy is a very competitive medical field, and even getting into a degree program can be difficult. If you succeed, you may be able to work with some of the top sporting teams in the world.

For hairstylists, making customers look great may be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be stressful; get it wrong, and your customers will be wearing hats for a month.

This field of course requires the personnel to have concrete and in-depth knowledge on basic and non-basic routines and practices as it is quite a sensitive field. The people you would find on here willing to offer their services at very reasonable prices which can be negotiable having a minimum of one to two years’ experience and more.

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