Dogs & Puppies in Nigeria


Dogs they say are man’s best friend, that and more which we all must agree at some point is very true. They are a breed or rather a specie that must be protected at all costs due to the loyalty and unconditional love they offer humans. Dogs are smart and to an extent with the right amount of training are quite reliable.


It is no new thing that dogs all over the world are now a permanent members of families in numbers bringing joy, company, love, and light to them. This platform is here to help you with that by bringing the perfect dog home to your family or to make your single life a double one.

Dogs come in different breeds which feature a change in their sizes, amount of fur, behavioral instinct, feeding and nutrition intake, growth level, and lastly their prices for sale. Obviously, the dogs imported from overseas would be a lot more expensive than the local breeds as they would not have to be passed through customs, paid shipping fee on and many other factors.


The German Shepherd takes absolutely after its name as it is naturally a guard dog, alert and one of the few breeds you can rely on for safety and protection as they can be quite brutal to anyone not recognized trying to get past their defense whatsoever.

Next up is the Rottweiler, a strong sturdy-built dog which most people view as aggressive but really are sweethearts that just take their sweet time to observe new faces before approaching and becoming friendly with them. To their owners, they follow them around showering them with kisses and licks often unwanted but nevertheless, they continue to pester and seek undivided attention. This is a dog worth having around due to their mental alertness.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is one with a long history of being very dangerous and known as one very aggressive breed that may snap back at its owners but with a lot of extensive research now and proper upbringing and training, this specie is no different than the calmest of dogs if treated properly. It is perfect for large families and relates well with children.

The Neapolitan mastiff has a unique nature which is being highly territorial and is hardly accepting of other dogs around it unless trained from the puppy stage to socialize with other types of dogs. They are easy to groom and can be friendly as family dogs but slightly unsocial to unfamiliar faces. They exist in several colors and have a great build.


A dog can be owned by any responsible citizen that understands that just like humans, a dog needs to be catered to and not left abandoned to suffer or to cater to their own needs especially the puppies who are basically still newborns even though some breeds look very big at the puppy stage.

Another category of people who can employ the services of dogs are the armed forces which include the police agency, hard drugs agencies due to the high amplified senses of some dogs that are powerful enough to sense the substances of interest and raise alarm when snuffed out. Dogs are really a man’s best friend not just at the home but also in the place of work.


Taking care of a dog is not such a big deal as all it requires is strict training to curb unwanted behavioral tendencies especially when it comes to the matter of their bowels and release of urine. Other ways to care for your dog is to feed them healthy food nutrients, bathe them regularly, take them for checkups at least once a month.

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