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write a brief for {What is a KEYBOARDS in Nigeria?

A musical instrument, usually electronic, played with the fingers. The keyboard typically consists of keys for playing the twelve notes of an octave plus a few additional keys that affect the tone or produce sound effects.

The KeyBoard is Widely used by artists because it allows them to create music using all tones until they get what they need for their songs making it easy to compose songs especially live.

*Keyboards are also widely used in the ICT profession to facilitate typing work faster than ordinary Typing systems, There are different types of Keyboards but mostly they are split into two which includes; Proximity and Membrane(non-proximity) proximities types have more features like Bluetooth, Wired, etc while a member.


The Keyboards on Jiji is mostly used by Producers to help produce their songs, the keyboard helps to facilitate the process of producing songs easily because it has all tones that can be Convert into sounds. Most artists use these keyboards during Live Performances especially when performing stage shows. They are also used in making jingles for Radio and TV advertisements among other things.

But before buying any Keyboard its very important for one to have knowledge about them so as not to buy the counterfeit product under false advertisements or poor quality Keyboard, Many artists have been duped over time hence unknowingly bringing substandard Keyboard home instead of real Quality Keyboards which they know nothing about, below are some tips.

Benefits of buying a KEYBOARDS on

Buying a Keyboard from has a lot of benefits as compared to buying the same product elsewhere, firstly it's very important for one to ensure that what you are buying is a Quality product, Keyboards sold on are tested and proven to be Quality products, But before Purchasing any keyboard from Jiji always ask Questions about it to make sure whether it's original.

Secondly, Buying from this website helps to reduce cost because most times buyers usually purchase goods at half price or less than half price, also they can purchase specific things that they need without counterfeits or poor quality items being overrun in the market.

Keyboards purchasers mostly buy keyboards because it helps them produce their own songs and enable.

Reasons why you should buy a KEYBOARDS on

Keyboard from is a very important commodity in Nigeria because it helps to facilitate music production which is one of the major industries in Nigeria today, Also, It also helps young upcoming acts who are still trying to make it big in Naija music Industry to get Quality materials at a reasonable price while purchasing from this platform. This benefit makes buying Musical instruments from Jiji an advantage for both buyers and sellers on the platform.

Finally, You can get any product you need from this website @Jiji by clicking on "sell" before checking out. Buyers do not have to go through the stress of browsing different shops looking for their items when they can purchase what they want from 1 shop only @jiji with payment term.

How do I maintain a KEYBOARDS in Nigeria?

Maintaining a keyboard in Nigeria is achievable because you need to use the same way of taking care of other musical instruments, for example, It needs to be protected from dust by using a cover and place in a dry place in your house so as not to be in contact with water, also its always good to have it serviced on a regular basis from trusted technicians who can do an excellent job. It's very important that it has clean keys because when it's dirty they don't function well.

Also, ensure that There's no rust on the body before one starts playing it through gentle scrubbing with drumsticks(with cover) or anything used for cleaning metals. Also, check all connection cables if their intact and no damages caused during shipment or any.


Keyboard is an important musical instrument because it helps to facilitate the production of music, But before buying one , its very important to know what you are purchasing so as not to buy counterfeit product or substandard quality item . Next time around ensure that you always ask question about the product your interested in before making any purchase. Lastly, Before Purchasing anything on Jiji always click "sell" button first then choose payment term and follow through with transaction for Institutional buyers like schools & companies. Thanks for reading.

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