DJ & Entertainment Services in Nigeria


Nigeria is a major hub for entertainment and is certainly not left behind when it comes to this area as they are many talented people out there graced with the knowledge and experience to perform and give premium content to a lot of people in large gatherings or whatsoever setting.


The industry of entertainment is a fast paced one and constantly evolving being very lucrative and financially rewarding. Not a lot of people are DJs and therefore it is a field that is open to the public to indulge in in order to make a living.

Currently there are a select job opportunities available for immediate start up and bookings for DJs and qualified sound engineers and mixers alone bearing the required attainments and years of experience in various cities in Nigeria which is the beauty of it all putting different people out of employment.

Looking for the right entertainment artist to employ can quite be a hassle but that is what Jiji is here to help with. Here, you can have access to several qualified candidates with information pertaining to the places they worked, the people they came across with, some of the shows and events they handled and choose who would work best for you depending on the type of event that you need a DJ and all other entertainment services coverage as well as the candidate’s experience in similar situations.

Candidates that are duly fitted for these roles are promptly added to the platform awaiting to be selected by interested employers with a brief insight as to what they really can do and what other services they can offer the man showcasing the level of experience they have got and their expected pay range as well.


A good DJ and entertainment provider should possess a handful of these common skills to even be considered a worthy one before they can be deemed employee-fit. Since the bulk of the task requires computer manipulation, design, creation and organization of banging playlists of different genres as per client’s request, a candidate should be well grounded in the use of a computer system, music-related apps, equipment needed for music mixing. Speakers but to mention a few. A DJ does not need to introduce themselves too much but allows their work ethic and services do all the necessary talking leaving the audience in awe of such a great performance.


The beauty of this platform and its purpose of awareness is so that no matter what state you reside in or wherever you may need these services you would always find a qualified candidate nearby. They are qualified disc jockeys, sound engineers, managers, and many more scattered across the whole country in need of jobs willing to even work full time at very good rates.

Available services right now in this line of work waiting for an eager customer or a client to employ them include a sound engineer, stages for rent for performances, a music studio, video editor, DJ service, musical instrument for rent, a computer engineer, music production and promotion, a recording studio, wedding DJs, children parties, digital marketer but to mention a few.

It is advisable to check thoroughly and meet the intended candidate to discuss business expectations and plans before having an official relationship or signed contracts with them.

These services here can be contacted directly and have business details discussed thoroughly before coming upon an agreement on what to expect and at what cost. You can be rest assured to avail yourself of one of these services somewhere around your area as this platform bridges the gap revealing available professionals all over the country.

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