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Garden and landscape services includes design, upgrades, soil enrichment, drainage improvements, sod installation, and lawn seeding for residential and commercial clients. Walkways, retaining walls, planters, and water features. Trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, vines, and ornamental grasses are provided and planted.

History and background

Gardening's history can be thought of as aesthetic representations of beauty through art and nature, as a demonstration of taste or style in civilized life, as an expression of an individual's or culture's philosophy, and as a display of private status or national pride in private and public landscapes.

In 10,000 BC, people began to enclose outdoor areas. Though the original garden's exact details are unknown, historians believe the earliest enclosure was a form of barrier designed to keep animals and stalkers out. Beginning in West Asia and moving westward to Greece, Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, garden construction and design was a forerunner to landscape architecture. The words "garden" and "yard" come from the Old English word "geard," which means "fence or enclosure."

Available Landscaping & Gardening Services in Nigeria on Jiji

Doaf green landscape and horticulture is a Doaf green company subsidiary with solid 10 years of expertise in practice, managed by a certified florist, project manager, and climate and safety specialist. Our services include hard and soft landscape design and implementation, beautification and maintenance of structures and open spaces, economic trees, fruit trees, palm tree edges supply, artificial and natural grass installation, pattern concrete work, and interlocking stone and setting.

BethelMendels is Nigeria's largest artificial/synthetic grass/turf importer. We are experts with over 15 years of experience designing and installing artificial grass for a diverse range of corporate and private clients throughout Nigeria and the West African Sub-region.

We design and install artificial grass and putting greens for soccer fields, golf courses, basketball courts, hockey rinks, lawns and walkways, gardens, pool sides, play areas, and more for schools, estates, hospitals, hotels, malls, offices, homes and residential, and more.

BethelMendels Grass/Turf combines the advantages of natural turf with maximum playing comfort and safety; it is resistant to environmental changes and provides enhanced and consistent playing conditions as well as longer playing hours. We provide environmental beauty with our artificial turfs and cutting-edge technology. All of our grasses are covered by an 8-10 year warranty.

The new concrete stamp floor finish is the newest floor finish that adds more beauty and value to today's home; it's aesthetical value adds more beauty to home; some of its advantages over others include rigidity, flexibility, toughness strength, weed prevention, does not wear, and can stay for a very long time regardless of the atmospheric weather condition. The new stamp concrete can be used in a variety of applications including residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, walkways, schools, and so on. We charge per square meter and for each square meter; the cost of labour, materials, and other expenses are all covered by us; all you have to do is mobilize us... we work all across Nigeria.

Landscaping & Gardening maintenance tips

Use garden and landscape maintenance equipment that is clean, efficient, and quiet.

Mow your grass and blow away waste with low-emission equipment to reduce your lawn's carbon footprint.

On patios, driveways, and paths, dust off hard surfaces and spray weeds with organic weed killer.

What makes a landscaper different from a gardener?

Gardening, like landscaping, entails design, planning, and upkeep, but it usually solely concerns the plants in a place. Only gardeners will plant, weed, cultivate, replace, and harvest the plants. Landscape designers and gardeners can sketch a garden design and choose a plant list, but only gardeners will plant, weed, cultivate, replace, and harvest the plants.

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