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Trade is basically what you have to offer your consumer base in exchange for their money or continued partnership. In the world we live in today there are numerous ways to make money off the labors of one’s hand, skills, and capability to think outside the box.


As mentioned earlier, it is a wide field consisting of various sub-factions in different areas of production and sale of trades therefore the number of employees in this field is large and is increasing daily as the need for supply and demand increases also. In Nigeria, they are many potential job candidates having the right experience and expertise waiting to be found and this creates the right platform for those in need of people that can render them such service.

Looking for the right candidate can quite be a hassle but that is what Jiji is here to help with as you can have access to several qualified candidates CVs’ and choose that which would work best for you depending on the niche that the candidate is more grounded on and the experience he or she has.


Some of the common construction services that are available to the public for employ in the industrial sector include welding, machine operation, fabrication, repairs of equipment and more. This field of course requires the personnel to have concrete and in-depth knowledge on basic and non-basic routines and practices as it is quite a sensitive field. The people you would find on here willing to offer their services at very reasonable prices have a minimum of a one-year experience and more.

Being a wide field, construction services expands to other avenues such as architectural drawings, welding technicians, experienced painters, engineering surveyors, building technologist, brick layer but to mention a few.

Another tradable service one can offer the public and procure for themselves is the hiring of professional tailors whether male or female as it is a unisex industry. This category can provide you with their sewing skills and much more at very reasonable rates and give you a good, finished product. These candidates here are eager and ready to be put to be work so if you happen to be a new school owner or restaurant in need of smart, classy uniforms for your wards and employees, please hesitate no more and kindly contact whoever would be best for you.


A good trader or construction candidate should possess a handful of these common skills to even be considered a worthy one before they can be deemed employee-fit. Since the bulk of the task requires an exchange of goods and services for money, a candidate should be well grounded enough to understand the financial state of things and be customer friendly which is the most important.

A bonus in this case for a candidate would be seen only if they have very good socializing skills willing to attract customers naturally, sspeaks good English and is fluent in more than one or two major Nigerian dialects. Experience is another thing to look out for as the number of years a person has worked previously in a related field counts because it makes the transition into the new role a whole lot easier.


The beauty of this platform and its purpose of awareness is so that no matter what state you reside in or wherever you may need these services you would always find a qualified candidate nearby. They are qualified factory workers, tailors, bakers, personal assistants, engineers, mechanics and many more scattered across the whole country in need of jobs willing to even work full time at very good rates.

It is advisable to check thoroughly and meet the intended candidate to discuss business expectations and plans before having an official relationship or signed contracts with them.

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