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  • HP ProBook 4540s review in Nigeria

The series of notebooks HP ProBook 4540s has certain similarities with the previous 4530s. The first thing that looks similar is the design. All the models are built with plastic and feature inserts made of aluminum (the base and the back of the lid). This wonderful combination of materials enhances the decent and exquisite look. Nevertheless, certain details differ including the curved edges, narrower base unit.

The 4540s device comes with a standard 15.6-inch screen and 1366 by 768-pixel res. Generally, there are no other screen variants within HP laptops. The display is not so bright yet the color contrast is satisfactory. The brightness is also sufficient to use outdoors (make sure you are avoiding direct sunlight). What refers the screen's stability of the viewing angles, it is not that outstanding.

Even though the keys of the HP ProBook 4540s measure 15 x 15mm, they deliver firm and easy typing. The keyboard of this entire series is resistant toward spills. This advantage makes the devices suitable for business use. Unfortunately, the keyboard is not backlit.

Anyway, the performance provided by 4540 series is great due to the diverse configurations it is applicable with. You can notice dissimilarities even in the hard disks and processor. Yet, in all cases, you are sure to stay satisfied with the speed and performance level.

The battery life is one of the highlights of the HP ProBook 4540s. It provides an up to seven and half hours of performance in idle mode. Yet, if you set the device to maximum light and switch on a high-performance profile, it will last only to one and half hours.

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