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Hp Pavilion G6 Laptops & Computers in Nigeria

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Hp Pavilion G6 Laptops & Computers in Nigeria

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  • HP Pavilion G6 review in Nigeria

Despite the intense competition in the market, the HP Pavilion G6 has managed to create a reputation of a good (though not great) laptop on a budget. It features all the necessary specifications for serving not professional purposes.

The design of the model is a standard one finished in a black glossy coating. The size of the laptop (3.6x37.6x24.4cm) and a bit heavy weight (5.5 pounds) make this model quite convenient for home or campus usage.

The device comes armed with a second-generation Intel Core i3 processor (Dual-Core) and only 2GB of RAM memory. Anyway, you can also opt for 4GB or even 6GB on an additional cost. Surely the device is not built for playing those ultra-modern high-performance games, or doing serious programming, yet it will satisfy your everyday demands with a dignity.

  • HP Pavilion G6 features

The LED display is a standard one like all other HP Pavilion models with a 15.6-inch size and 1366x768 res. It provides surprisingly good images with bold colors and accurate texts.

What refers the keyboard of the model, we can neither praise nor blame its working. Keeping the strikingly low cost in mind, we must be satisfied with the relatively loudly clacking keys and the feeling of keys' wiggling when typing. Besides, there are no multimedia dedicated keys while the arrow keys seem to be compressed. Anyway, once we turn to the touchpad, we can't but get nicely surprised. It has a simple design yet provides a high-level performance.

The battery is a 6-cell one. Anyway, perhaps the greatest downside of HP Pavilion G6 is its battery life. It is as short as only about two hours, which makes it impossible to carry the notebook wherever you go and work on the way.

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