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  1. As the Dell Computers stated, its XPS line is made to be the best in the market with exceptional built quality, maximal resolution displays, powerful features, and unique material. These laptops have delicate shapes and sizes yet being highly durable and robust. They are perfect for carrying in your backpack as do not weigh that much. The exceptional durability of each Dell XPS chassis is carved from an entire single block of aluminum, whilst the palm rests of the laptops owe their strength to the carbon fiber they are made of. This material, which is widely used in supercars production and aviation not only makes these devices so durable but also keeps them cool to the touch. As compared with traditional screens laptops usually feature, Dell Computers used fantastically strong (10x scratch resistant) Corning Gorilla Glass for building the displays of XPS laptops. The keyboard too is praised by critics. Being backlit, it provides easy working even in the dark.

Nevertheless, what attracts the most in Dell XPS devices, is the exceptionally high-resolution displays. They provide IPS wide viewing angle, amazing brightness, and high color gamut through the UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD. All Dell XPS models are equipped with impressive memory sizes, yet the XPS 15 has simply a massive memory - 16GB with 2133MHz high memory speed. So, Dell XPS laptops are slim, lightweight yet amazingly styled and powered devices made to satisfy even the most scrupulous laptop enthusiasts! Buy Dell XPS on Jiji!

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