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Apple MacBook Pro 2015 came with some upgrades customers took for granted. These included the most developed Intel processors of nowadays, a much longer battery life, an advanced Force Touch trackpad, etc. According to quite many consumer electronics critics, this device is worth being named as one of the bests in the market!

The laptop is impressively lightweight (1.58g) and thin (18mm thickness). Being a compact and easily portable model, the MacBook Pro is a great companion for train or plane traveling. Due to the Force Touch system, Apple has equipped its various productions including the MacBook Pro, you can choose three different click strengths - lights, medium and heavy.

What concerns the display of this model, its mere official name (13-" Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display) is enough to realize the quality level of the display. The screen is simply razor sharp. It has a 2560x1600 pixels resolution that guarantees bright and colorful picture viewing. Along with the rich and accurate screen, the contrast is simply great! As a laptop's stereo speaker, that of Apple MacBook Pro is quite a decent one. It is of the quality you could expect from a high-class laptop device.

The 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor powers this laptop model while the flash storage is 128 GB. The RAM memory is 8GB. What concerns the battery life, ten hours of browsing the web is definitely quite an imposing result. This is equal to 12 hours of computer program using or video watching.

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