Acer Aspire V5 Laptops in Nigeria

  • Acer Aspire V5 features

The Acer Aspire V5 is a wonderful combination of budget-friendly price, stable design and powerful configurations. Having a 15-inch display, this laptop comes with Intel Core i5 configurations and a touch screen - something you won't ever expect from low-priced Windows 8 laptops.

Acer Aspire V5 has a striking look from a distance with its entire glass, as well as touch pad with not buttons. However, at a closer look, you will notice the seams and agree, that it isn't any pleasant. The resolution of this model (1366x768) well suits its price, yet not its 15-inch size.

Even though Acer Aspire V5 is not a super-slim notebook today's high standards taken into account, it would shock us only several years ago. But when it was first released in 2012, it was quite remarkable. The body of the model made of matte silver colored plastic is quite a beautiful one. It is simple with no unique personality, yet quite decent. The keyboard stretches from end to end. It is surprisingly backlit. Not only the number pad keys but also the individual letter keys are narrow leaving much space between other wide keys. With a remarkably large touchpad, multi-finger gestures are greatly facilitated especially for using Windows 8. However, the response of the touchpad is somewhat jumpy.

In spite of the upscale look of the 15.6-inch screen and its impressive brightness, the resolution is low-end for it.

However, what we can't say about the Acer Aspire V5, is that it is a good road midsize laptop. With its small four-cell battery, it can't operate more than three and a half hours on one charge.

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