Clerical & Administrative CVs in Nigeria

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The business world will not be a complete place without giving credit to the fervent action performed by secretaries, administrative assistants, office clerks, receptionists, and basically anyone stationed with the task to aid the major rein holders at the top of the organization.


This position basically entails carrying out actions such as data entry, filing, schedule tracking, setting up of events, answering and directing of phone calls from clients, making of phone calls, taking and distributing messages. organizing and scheduling appointments. organizing and coordinating meetings. handling inquiries and incoming work requests. reviewing files and records to answer requests for information but to mention a few.


In Nigeria, they are many potential job candidates having the right experience and expertise waiting to be found and this creates the right platform for those in need of people that can render them such service.

Looking for the right candidate can quite be a hassle but that is what Jiji is here to help with as you can have access to a few qualified candidates CVs’ and choose that which would work best for you depending on the niche that the candidate is more grounded on and the experience he or she has.

Candidates that are duly fitted for these roles are promptly added to the platform awaiting to be selected by interested employers with a copy of their curriculum vitae showcasing the level of experience they have got and their expected pay range as well. Some of the skills and clerical duties positions include a receptionist, a personal assistant, clerks, cashiers, secretaries as much as administrative assistants but to mention a few.


A person who just recently purchased an office lot with the aim to set up a few clothing pieces would need an assistant or a good customer service provider, one that would be up to date in data entry, keeping tabs of items in the shop and many other duties. In this scenario alone, this new shop owner requires the services of a Sales Representative or a personal assistant and in the situation whereby the owner is almost like a ghost there will be a need to hire a manager that can run things smoothly in the time of absence.


A good clerical candidate should possess a handful of these common skills to even be considered a worthy one before they can be deemed employee-fit. Since the bulk of the task requires data input and organization of schedules, a candidate should be well-grounded in the Microsoft Word app as well as Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet packages.

A bonus in this case for a candidate would be seen only if he has good typing skills, well-grounded in the Microsoft family, speaks good English and is fluent in more than one or two major Nigerian dialects. Experience is another thing to look out for as the number of years a person has worked previously in a related field counts because it makes the transition into the new role a whole lot easier.


The beauty of this platform and its purpose of awareness is so that no matter what state you reside in or wherever you may need these services you would always find a qualified candidate nearby. They are qualified personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries, managers, and many more scattered across the whole country in need of jobs willing to even work full time at very good rates.

It is advisable to check thoroughly and meet the intended candidate to discuss business expectations and plans before having an official relationship or signed contracts with them.

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