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What is a STEAM CLEANERS in Nigeria?

A STEAM CLEANER is a device that emits steam to remove dirt. These devices can be rented or bought by households for home use. Some of these products are brand new while others have been around for awhile despite technological advancements. STEAM CLEANERS also known as vapor cleaners and hot-water extraction (HWE) appliances, utilize substances such as water and detergents combined with heat to clean carpets and rugs – without abrasives – deep down into the surface fibers. The high temperature kills bacteria and germs, which helps people suffering from allergies such as asthma and who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. When used regularly, it can help prolong the lifespan.


STEAM CLEANERS are widely available on, which is Nigeria's largest marketplace for buying and selling goods online. One can buy or rent these items to use for any part of the house that requires cleaning. These products are designed to clean hard surfaces such as tiles, marble, sealed porcelain, sealed non-porous stones, laminates and wood floors without leaving streaks. The heat also kills any bacteria present in the surface being cleaned. They are easy to use at home with detailed instructions provided by each manufacturer within the product carton.

Benefits of buying a STEAM CLEANERS on

The many benefits of buying a STEAM CLEANERS include the following:

• You can avoid paying additional installation fees that are usually charged by traditional cleaning companies. Jiji does not charge any fee on your purchase of home appliances like steam cleaners.

• It is easier to buy one yourself rather than hire someone else to come clean your house regularly. This saves you time and energy.

• You can use it for deep cleaning, which guarantees removal of dirt, stains, dust mites and other allergens from carpet fibers without using abrasives which might be harsh on delicate carpets or rugs.

• It is less expensive when you consider the upfront payment for buying versus monthly or per visit charges when hiring.

Reasons why you should buy a STEAM CLEANERS on

STEAM CLEANERS are available on for easy purchase across the country. One can buy one for multiple reasons namely:

• Its hot vapor penetrates deep down into carpet fibers to kill bacteria, germs and dust mites that cause allergies such as asthma.

• It leaves carpets or rugs with a fresh scent after cleaning because of the antibacterial properties in most cleaners.

• It is eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals involved unlike chemical cleaners that contain toxins which enter soil and waterways when disposed off improperly. This is why it has become more popular among environmentally conscious people who prefer using green products at home.

How do I maintain a STEAM CLEANERS in Nigeria?

STEAM CLEANERS should be maintained in a way similar to other home appliances. Some of the ways to maintain them include:

• Read and follow manufacturer's instructions for use and care carefully before using the product.

• Take care not to damage its surface by keeping it away from kids and pets when not in use.

• Keep its water tank clean to prevent bacteria growth. Fill it with clean tap water only since distilled water might leave mineral deposits on surfaces being cleaned causing discoloration or staining.

• Empty out any remaining water after each cleaning session so that it will not have any traces of mold build-up inside the tank if left sitting for too long between each use.


STEAM CLEANERS are highly beneficial to be used at home for hard surfaces. They are environmentally friendly products that do not use harsh chemicals that might damage the surface being cleaned. They are also safer for people with allergies or skin conditions since they kill germs and bacteria on contact.

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