Nissan Altima in Nigeria

Apart from the fact that Nissan Altima is a fantastic midsize car, it is a great traveler vehicle equipped with two engines that consumes less fuel and gives a gentle ride with its comfy seats.

Nissan Altima is full of exciting specs that will get you all fired up and get you to invest in one of its models. We have emphasized some for you here, without leaving out the cost and where to buy your Nissan Altima at a reasonably cheap price in Nigeria.

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History of the Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is an average-sized car built by Nissan and launched in 1992. It is an extension of the Nissan Bluebird series, which hit the market in 1955. The word "Altima" was first coined in the Japanese high-end Nissan Leopard with the first Nissan Altima built in June 1992 as a 1993 model.

Reasons to buy the Nissan Altima

Some of the beloved specs in the Nissan Altima are an exterior styling that doesn't seem to go wrong, comfortable seats made from leather or cloth upholstery, interiors that display sophistication and attractive design, as well as a cabin that features stitched soft surfaces, matte chrome accents, and some layered wood trim.

The Nissan Altima is also equipped with a Platinum VC-Turbo that allows for an excellent ride and agile handling. It displays a remarkable balance between undesirable harshness and corner-tackling capabilities while banking on the surround-view camera system that allows you to see around the vehicle while driving.

Other remarkable specs are the Nissan Altima 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, embedded climate control system, accommodating space and roomy storage, great fuel efficiency, high engine performance and, a fantastic sporty build.

Curious to know how much the Nissan Altima will cost you?

Here you have it!

The cost of the Nissan Altima depends on the model and the year of production. But you can choose from a variety of options and models available for sale on Jiji. There, you get the best cars, first-hand!

Meanwhile, acquiring a Tokukubo, brand new, or a Nigerian used Nissan Altima to your fleet will have you expend within a price range of #390,000 and #13,000,000 only.

It is a fantastic investment, isn't it? Log to the Jiji and make your choice NOW!

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