Canon 60D Photo & Video Cameras in Nigeria

Canon 60D review in Nigeria

The Canon 60D is one of those models you can greatly enjoy working with, yet can't call a superior. It has inherited the user-friendliness of the EOS 550D yet is above it. And even though it has some of the EOS 7D high-end technologies such as the advanced metering system, the 7D model is definitely of higher quality than the 60D.

  • Canon 60D demonstrates quite a respectable burst speed with its standard 4 processor -  5.3 frames per second. The sensor is APS-C sized CMOS 18-megapixel. This device comes with its SDXC, SDHC or SD card, as well as a rechargeable battery.  The model's weight is quite considerable - 755g. And even though it may look a bit bulky, it does make you feel you are working with a reliable camera.
  1. Canon 60D features a bright and quite a large optical viewfinder. The LCD display is also a large one and is situated on the camera's top. Hence, you can make all the necessary adjustments on the fly.

This camera demonstrates a super-fast response. Moreover, once the camera's auto-focus mode is enabled, both the focus and the exposure are determined instantly, too. Digging into the instructions and adjustments of this camera, you realize how hard Canon worked to make this semi-professional camera maximum user-friendly.  

Nevertheless, a loud clunk can be heard each time you fire the shutter. This leaves no hope for using the camera for surreptitious shooting (drop your plans of becoming a spy). However, on the whole, Canon 60D will make you feel as if a serious professional photographer.

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