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Awka is the capital city of Anambra State, Nigeria. The city was declared capital on 21 August 1991, after the creation of Anambra and Enugu state, which moved the capital from Enugu to Awka (an administrative center since pre.-colonial times). The city has an estimated population of 301,657 as of the 2006 Nigerian census, and over 2.5 million as of a 2018 estimate. The city is located at199.1 kilometers (123.7 mi), by road, directly north of Port Harcourt in the center of the densely-populated Igbo heartland in southeast Nigeria.

Awka lies below 300 meters above the sea in a valley on the plains of the Mamu River. Two ridges or cuestas, both lying in a north–south direction, form the major topographical features of the area. The ridges reach the highest point at Agulu just outside the Capital Territory. About six kilometers east of this, the minor cuesta peaks about 150 meters above sea level at Ifite –Awka.

Awka is sited in a fertile tropical valley but most of the original Rainforest has been lost due to clearing for farming and human settlement. A few examples of the original rain forest remain at places like the Ime Oka shrine. Wooded savannah grassland predominates primarily to the north and east of the city. South of the town on the slopes of the Awka-Orlu Uplands are some examples of soil erosion and gullying.

The economy of Awka city revolves primarily around the government since many state and federal institutions are located there. Awka hosts the State Governor's Lodge, State Assembly and State Ministries for Health, State Judiciary headquarters, Education, Lands, Water.

Some of the houses available on jiji

A 4 bedroom luxury duplex with four bedrooms and five bathrooms, newly built and semi-furnished, is available too. It stands on 450sqm of land. Prepaid meter is used in this duplex, electricity, and security is guaranteed, with tiled floors, dining area, and swimming pool all for your comfort.

Never get paranoid as CCTV cameras are watching. Intercoms and car post stands are also available. Its finishes are detailed, has clean water, pop ceiling, Jacuzzi, and lets you enjoy the beauty of serenity.

Also available is a 5 bedroom fully detached duplex. It stands on 330sqm of land.

It has a 50kv generator that enables you to have constant electricity, CCTV installed, water heaters, 2 living rooms, a pop ceiling, showers, detailed finishing, and in-built speakers. This house has everything you need.

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