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What is a SKATE SHOES (PUMA) in Nigeria?

PUMA skate shoes are a type of low top shoes made for skating. Skateboarding and roller blading became an alternative sport in the 1970s and was the precursor to today's pop culture called "skateboarding." The first professional skateboarder ever sponsored by Nike, Stacy Peralta originally coined the term "skate shoe" as he helped create his own shoe company, Venice Beach Skateboards. His company was pushed out of business after only two years, but named his next venture, which introduced its first line of official skate shoes in 1979—Puma Suede.


PUMA was founded in 1924 by Dolf Batschi and started out as a rubber shoe company. In 1948, PUMA launched its first sports collection with the "SL" line for tennis. This ultimately lead to Puma catering specifically to runners, sprinters and athletes during the 1960s. The late 1970's saw an increase in skating and surfing (due to massive growth of beach cities in California) which led advertisers like Stacy Peralta creating campaigns that went along with these new trends in sports. Skateboarding became a national phenomenon in the 1980s and eventually lead into the creation of skate shoes that were comfortable enough to support such acrobatics, but sturdy enough to protect feet from falling on the ground when landing tricks.

Benefits of buying SKATE SHOES (PUMA) on

PUMA shoes are affordable, and they also commonly offer free shipping if the order is above N3, 000. In addition to this, at you get a better deal on each product compared to other online shopping sites in Nigeria. This leads to consumers getting more for their money at when it comes to purchasing PUMA products from Nigeria's various online stores. makes buying shoes easier with a wide variety of choices that fit your style and budget!

Reasons why you should buy SKATE SHOES (PUMA)

Nigeria's online shopping scene has grown to be a significant source of revenue for individuals who are willing to sell products at prices that are more affordable than the same items being sold at retail shops. Purchasing PUMA products on is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for many Nigerians who have become frustrated with high prices and logistical problems associated with purchasing goods online from retail stores.

How do I maintain SKATE SHOES (PUMA)

Yay! You've bought a pair of PUMA shoes from! How do you maintain them to ensure that they last a long time? First, you should always try your best to keep these shoes clean and dry. Once or twice a week, use warm water and soap to wipe the dirt off each shoe – don't forget the straps and laces too! Make sure that it is completely dry before wearing again – especially if using flatirons or heated rollers on the hair as this can damage leather. Be careful with any cleaning products, especially those containing chemicals like ethyl alcohol, acetone, benzene, hydrochloric acid etc., which will damage rubber soles.


Skate shoes, also known as PUMA sneakers are a type of low top . It is a popular brand that many young Nigerians hope to own. The price range is usually between N3, 000 and above depending on the type of shoe you're buying from In addition to this, Nigeria's online shopping scene has become a significant source for individuals who want to sell products at prices that are more affordable than retail stores in Nigeria. Finally, it is important to protect your new purchase by making sure they are always clean and dry after each wear.