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Burberry Espadrilles in Nigeria

Most fashion designers have most likely heard the term "espadrilles" several times. But what comes to mind when you hear this word?  The most typical response is 'Women's heels created with a braided or woven sole.' Yes, this is a fairly true, but not a fully correct, depiction of it.

So, if they aren't heels, what exactly are they?

They are a sort of casual, eco-friendly footwear distinguished by a canvas or cotton upper and an elastic rope sole that is flat but firm. This sole is typically constructed of fiber or jute rope.

Because of their natural material and simplicity, they were once regarded to be "peasant footwear." Because they don't have laces, they're nevertheless considered a fairly casual style. Because of their relaxed appearance and breathability, they are a popular summertime choice of footwear.

History of Burberry Espadrilles

The first written mention of this was in the 14th century, in the provinces of Catalonia and Occitania along the French and Spanish borders. Jute is a tough, long-lasting vegetable fiber native to southern Spain, India, and Bangladesh. Given the huge amount of the fundamental material, it is not surprising that those are currently the primary areas where these materials are created. 

Jute is ecologically friendly and has a low carbon impact, in addition to its exceptional resilience. During the Civil War in Spain, the Spanish nationalized the Castñer plant, one of the early producers of it used it to make footwear for the Republican soldiers.

After the Civil War in Spain, Castañer gained prominence and is recognized for ushering them into the contemporary footwear era. The shoes haven't yet changed too much over time, since they remain loved by ecologically conscious people who appreciate handcrafted, simple style.


Today, they come in a variety of colors and styles, with almost every style retaining the basic jute sole structure and canvas top. While the initial were slip-on with no buckles or laces, they have now evolved to also include everything from heels to straps. These are among the most prevalent styles you'll come across.

  1. Wedge

Wedge heels are usually only two or one inches long, and the base of the wedge often features a sliver of rubber for a greater grip while walking.

Some have an open-toe design, while the majority of wedges have a concealed top. They typically get a strap of some kind for added support. The strap could either wrap over the heel of the shoe to hold it to the feet, or it will be a ribbon strap that wraps around the ankles and is secured in place. Having to walk in them is much easier than having to walk in heels because of the wedge support.

  1. Traditional

In the most classic form, it has a flat sole and uppers which are made of two sections. The first portion covers up the shoe's vamp and toe, while the other wraps all around the side vamp, quarter, and heel. These two parts are stitched with each other to form a warm cage that fits snugly around the foot. To secure the shoe, no buckles, straps, or lacing are ever needed. Instead, they're meant to be slipped off and on as needed.

Who wore them in the past?

In their conventional design, these simple shoes weren't even gender-specific. However, as they gained popularity in the twenty-first century, more versions for women emerged than for men.

Men’s version and design

For the bigger part, those for men have adhered to the classic design. The men's version of footwear has no straps, heels, or buckles. Rather, they retain the 2-piece upper construction and also the flattened, jute sole. The materials used for the top are sometimes tougher compared to that of the women's version.

Women’s version and design of Burberry Espadrilles

The women's version of footwear comes in a variety of styles. There are numerous color options, various materials, and designs to pick from when purchasing a wedge espadrille or other not-so-popular types. The great thing about this footwear for ladies is that they retain their original modest simplicity even as they evolve.

How to get Burberry Espadrilles in Nigeria

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