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Barbell Weights in Nigeria

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You don’t need a whole weight room to lift heavy; you just need a bar and some plates. As great as strength training is for everything from your calorie burn to your bones, sometimes it feels like lots of math. First, you need to figure out how much the barbell weighs? Then add up all of the weight plates on it, and then you can drop down into that barbell back squat. And if you're working toward your one-rep max? Might as well go get your bachelor's in math first.

Barbell weights is a piece of exercise equipment used in weight training, bodybuilding, and weightlifting, consisting of a long bar. Usually with weights attached at each end. Barbells range in length from 1.2metres (4ft) to above 2.4metres (8ft). Although bars longer than 2.2metres (7.2ft) are used primarily by powerlifters and are not commonplace. The central portion of the bar varies in diameter from 25millimetres (0.98in) to 50millimetres (1.96in) (e.g., Apollon's Axle).

It is often engraved with a knurled crosshatch pattern to help lifters maintain a solid grip. Weight plates slide onto the outer portions of the bar to increase or decrease the desired total weight. Collars are used to prevent plates from moving outward unevenly so that the lifter does not experience uneven force.

What to consider before getting the Barbell weights

There’s very little room for error when you’re hoisting heavy weights over your body. The number one thing to keep in mind when shopping for a barbell is to “make sure it’s one that you feel comfortable and confident in to use for the exercises you love,” says Lauren Powell, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and performance coach at Future. If you’re not sure where to start, these parameters can help.

Type of bar: There are generally two types of barbells: Olympic and powerlifting. They look pretty similar to the untrained eye, but serve very different purposes, says Powell. “Olympic bars are created to have a bit of a whip as well as rotating sleeves that allow the lifter to maximize their lift,” she explains. “The power bar is often thicker, stiffer, and able to handle greater amounts of weight.” You can tell the difference by looking at the knurling marks — little spaces on the barbell where there is no cross-hatching. Generally speaking, power bars also tend to be a bit more versatile and affordable.

Bar weight and capacity: “The best part about the barbell is that you can add as much weight as you need; however, if you start with a bar that is too heavy itself, there is no way to make it lighter.” The weight capacity of the bar matters, too. Some barbells are designed to hold 250pounds max, while others can handle 500 or 1,000pounds. If you’re newer to lifting, a lower capacity bar may be more affordable and fine for your needs. Heavy lifters will want that extra capacity, though.

Now that you're armed will all the information you need to make a purchasing decision, find the best barbell set for you below.

Benefits of Barbell weights

For the unathletically inclined, the gym can be overwhelming. With so many different machines, devices, and objects to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. As one of the most basic and recognizable pieces of gym equipment out there. You may notice the barbell setups and wonder whether or not they're right for you. We're here to tell you they are. Let's take a look at four amazing benefits that barbell exercises offer.

  • They save time

The Big Four barbell exercises (squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift) offer an overall workout because they each utilize multiple muscle groups. Instead of switching from machine to machine to machine, you'll be able to get a total body workout by doing straightforward basic lifts.

  • They improve athletic performance

When first exposed to a barbell routine, your body will be focused almost entirely on form; you'll be learning how to use all of your muscles together to move an object efficiently. As you continue to perfect your technique, you'll strengthen your neuromuscular connection, which is considered to be responsible for major strength gains. Plus, you'll be forced to incorporate balance and coordination, which machines don't demand of you.

  • They're affordable

Many people prefer the comfort of working out at home but are dissuaded by the cost of the equipment and machinery. When you consider the fact that barbell workouts only require two things -- a bar and weights --, setting up a home gym suddenly becomes manageable.

  • They're versatile

Barbell exercises aren't only used to build muscle, they're good for cardio, too. There are unique cardio barbells that are designed to be ultra-lightweight (around five pounds) with a small diameter that can be loaded with light weights; if you're looking to focus more on muscular endurance, cardio barbells allow you to perform the same action repeatedly.

How do you get Barbell weights in Nigeria?

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