The deep and enchanting melodies a saxophone produces, make it truly one-of-a-kind! It was "brought to humans" back in the beginning of the last century in Belgium. We owe this fantastic invention to Adolphe Sax in the honor of whom the instrument was named saxophone. These days we can enjoy hearing the alluring sounds of it mostly in Jazz music. Rock is also filled with sax's gorgeous sounds. Moreover, hardly any work in Jazz style can exist without these fabulous saxes. Among the diverse types of saxes, sopranos are immensely famous. For some lower tones, pick up alto saxes which are mostly used in bands of schools or other establishments. So, if you intend to make your life more colorful and melodic with a sax, it is sensible to search for one within the collections of such established brand names as Yamaha or Keilwerth. Other not less prominent brands are Yanagisawa and Selmer. Find what you want on Jiji!

Saxophones in Nigeria

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