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Board Games

Board Games

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What is a BOARD GAMES in Nigeria?

Board games are a type of table-top game that can be played on any surface, such as boards and cards. The difference between these two categories is sometimes fluid in nature due to the similarities between them both playing an important role when it comes down who wins or loses certain aspects like strategy for example where chess has rigid rules while poker allows more player variation. The term "boardgame" refers specifically those pastimes people enjoy indoors with friends around food compared against sports activities which typically include teams instead playing alone at home unless they're partices sired by organized leagues.


Board games on The most popular board game on Jiji is draughts (checkers), and the top-selling draught products range from boards and pieces to books and clocks. On average, draught items sell for between 300 - 500 naira at a time. Other popular games offered on Jiji include snakes and ladders, chess sets and cards. There will always be an active market for your products because there are many Nigerians who love to play these board games whenever they can!

Benefits of buying a BOARD GAMES on

Benefits of buying a board game on : People are constantly looking for new games that they can play with their family or at social gatherings. If you have any board games in your home, then you’re already aware of how much fun they can be! If not, then it's about time to introduce them into your life - and if you do, then we're sure that you'll find some very willing buyers here on Jiji!

Reasons why you should buy a BOARD GAMES on

Reasons why you should buy a board game on If you're looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones, then there's no better place to look than Jiji! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the number of products that are available on our website and also by the prices they're offered at. Take a look around sometime - we guarantee that you won't regret it! And if not satisfied with what you find here, then just keep browsing until you do find something that will hit the spot!

How do I maintain a BOARD GAMES in Nigeria?

Once you've found the perfect board game for your needs, we recommend that you keep it in the best possible condition by following these cleaning and storage guidelines: • Dust your board game regularly. Use a clean, soft cloth to remove dust from the surface. For available parts such as moving pieces, use a slightly damp cloth with any mild soap or detergent; then dry thoroughly before use; • Keep your board away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Board games are a tried-and-true form of entertainment. Whether you're playing with friends, family or children; boardgames provide hours of fun that everyone can enjoy! So we hope this article has given insight into why people love them so much and offered some ideas on how to find the best one for your needs - because there's something perfect out there just waiting for YOU (but maybe not yet discovered)!

Board games provide a fun and engaging way for people of all ages to spend time together. They're also great because you can play them anywhere! So whether your looking for something quick or want an adventure, check out these awesome board game options below:

Ameritrading’s Nasdaq National Board Game allows players in teams compete against each other while trying not only beat their opponents but also avoid bankrupting themselves by investing too much money into the company before achieving success on Wall Street.