Popcorn Machines in Nigeria

Popcorn is a go-to snack when you go to the movies. Everyone loves to have a bowl or pack of popcorn when watching that blockbuster movie. Well, you can bring a smile to people's faces by making the popcorn for them. With Jiji, you can buy a popcorn machine today, whether a new one or a used one. You can purchase a big popcorn machine for commercial purposes from Jiji at cheap prices. For an entrepreneur that is just starting up, getting a popcorn machine can be an enormous task. Here are some things to check off your list when buying a machine:


You need to have a general idea of how much popcorn you are planning to produce. Knowing the quantity or the target market will help you understand what size to buy. For example, if you want popcorn for a movie theatre or a school program, you know that you need a machine that can provide a lot of popcorn at the same time.

High Quality Materials

You need to purchase a machine that is durable and will not cost you soon; instead, bring you profits. Getting a device that is built with premium steel is a better choice than getting one made of cheap materials and plastic gear. The materials the machine is built with will determine the efficiency of the popcorn machine in the long run. You can also get a device that has tempered glass so that it will remain clean and not have scratches. On Jiji, you can get a machine that has a powder-coated engine that looks aesthetically pleasing and helps you stand out among competitors.

Wattage Capacity

The nature of the business you are planning to run will determine the wattage capacity of the machine you are to purchase. If you plan on producing on a big scale, you need to buy a machine with about 640 watts and above. It is crucial to hire a device that has a 50-watt deck to keep the popcorn warm and fresh even after you have prepared it.


Before starting a popcorn business, you need to have an idea of how much the machine will cost and the materials you need to operate adequately. With Jiji, you can compare multiple options and choose the one that fits your budget.

Speed and Efficiency

You want to inspect the machine correctly before buying it because getting a device that has a lot of faults can be frustrating. When you purchase a device that works smoothly, the popcorn that will be produced will be made on time and come out adequately popped. One thing you need to avoid when you have customers waiting in line is for your machine to break down or produce made popcorn.

Startup your business today and let Jiji help you reduce the stress of moving from one vendor to the other. Always take precautionary measures when meeting with online vendors.

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