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6mm Armoured Cables in Nigeria

A 6mm armored cable is a larger armored cable designed for use in higher capacity circuits. The 6 mm armored cable is available from 2 cores to 7 cores, so the size and number of cores counts to meet all requirements.

Make sure you use the correct indoor and outdoor cable seals (depending on the job) and the correct armored cable.

Below are a few different 6mm armoured cables

6 mm 3 Core Armored Cable

A 6mm 3 core armored cable is an electrical cable used to provide power for various applications. Because the cable is shielded, it is suitable for attachment to structures or buildings and underground installation with the use of a cable cleat. This cable is widely used in many installations like:

• Bath / Jacuzzi installation

• Factory lighting

• Industrial electrical networks

Specifications for 6mm 3 Core Armoured Cable

Current rating



Stranded coppers




SWA (steel wire armor)



Operating temperature

Maximum 90°C, minimum bending 0°C

No of core/size of cable


6 mm 3 Core Armored Cable Features

6 mm 3 core shielded cable is one of the types of electrical cables. It has a 6 mm2 3-core STA cable (armored steel tape) and a 6 mm 3-core SWA cable.

In particular, the 3-core power cable is very affordable in all 6mm armored cable sizes. Due to the layer of armor with high strength. The 6 mm 3 core armored cable is mainly used in many special environments. For large programs is becoming more and more popular for lots of customers.

6 mm 3 core SWA cable has a voltage of 0.6 / 1kv. It consists of insulation, a conductor armor plate, an inner plug, and an outer sheath. The steel wire armor layer is located under the outer sheath of the cable.

The protective layer of the 6 mm 3 core armored cable protects the conductive and insulating layers. 6 mm 3 core armored cable is also known as an armored steel wire cable. It is mainly used for external or underground electrical networks.

6 mm 4 core Armored cable

The 6 mm 4-core armored cable is suitable for underground and surface use. It is a water-resistant and dust-resistant electrical cable that is widely used in electrical networks and provides power to a variety of applications.

This type of special cable consists of annealed coiled copper for conductors, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) for insulation, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for bedding and sheathing, and steel wire for insulation.

6mm 4-core armored cable not only provides mechanical protection, it is suitable for installation in highly corrosive environments, but also provides a kind of CPC (Circuit Protective Conductor) because the armor acts as a ground wire.

Therefore, a grounding core/conductor is not required but is always recommended as an additional safety measure.

Specifications of 6mm 4 core armored cable

No. of cores/size of cable


Approx overall diameter


Approx weight (m)



Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE




Plain Annealed Stranded Coppe

Armour protection

Steel wire

Voltage Rating


6mm 4 Core Armoured Cable Key Features:

  • Plain stranded annealed copper wires.

  • XLPE is insulated.

  • Low Smoke and Halogen Free.

  • PVC bedding sets.

  • Galvanized Steel Wire Armor.

  • PVC exterior sheath.

Advantages of 6mm Armoured Cables

1. It has high-temperature resistance.

2. Armoured cables can withstand stronger mechanical forces and prevent external force damages.

3. Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, increases the stability of the electrical transmission.

Who should buy 6mm Armoured Cables

The 6mm shielded cable is suitable for those who want to do the following :

• Underground cables.

• Railway tracks.

• Outdoor building sites.

• Indoor and outdoor power plants.

• High-risk workshops.

How to buy 6mm Armoured Cables in Nigeria

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