And it is not the only surprising thing about this summer yummy. Consisting mostly of liquids, a watermelon improves kidneys performance, though it is not the most “comfortable” food for active days, when you are not going to stay at home. Watermelon contains a high level of antioxidants, helping to feel fresh and full of energy. It is the source of amino acids, which relieve muscle pain and strengthen immune system. Watermelon extracts are used as elements in blood pressure and cardiac treatment. Watermelon is sometimes called “anti-inflammatory fruit” because of the corresponding properties: it neutralizes free radicals and prevents chronic inflammations. In addition to hydration of human organism, watermelon improves digestion thanks to fibers. Vitamin A will help to make your hair shiny and your skin smooth. The seeds contain high level of zinc, magnesium and protein, so don’t be afraid if you swallow some accidentally.

Watermelons in Nigeria

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