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One of the favorite snacks of Nigerians, it fits for any occasion. Whether you are expecting some guests, hanging out with friends, or simply watching a movie, chin chin will be a perfect starter or refreshment. Chin chin is similar to common Scandinavian snacks, but baked with ground nutmeg, it has an incredible flavour and truly African taste. Beside its delicious taste, people like chin chin, because it can be stored for really long time. There is no need to spend much time in the kitchen cooking chin chin. Well, it is not difficult - some flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and milk, and a little effort - and your chin chin is ready! But you can spend this time the better way. Take a minute to discover the selection of ready-made chin chin and don’t miss an opportunity to buy some. You can easily store chin chin in a fridge or an airtight container and always have some snacks ready. And do not even say you don’t have a favorite pastry of every Nigerian at your home!

Chin Chin in Nigeria

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