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Zinc Supplements in Nigeria

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A Zinc Supplements (Natures Field) is a small-scale business that has been in operation for over 10 years, with the aim of providing natural products at affordable prices to thousands of Nigerians. They have grown exponentially since their inception. Today they are present nationwide, conveniently located within shopping malls and other public locations where they offer free samples to anyone who comes across their path! This is usually made possible by dedicated staff whose main goal is to inform Nigerians about their products. They specialize in Organic Food Supplements, Herbal Hair Care Products, Natural Skin Care Products which are all produced locally in Nigeria. Their products are 100% pure with no additives or colors involved.

They have completed an online store with reliable payment options, reliable delivery and a platform to show case their products.

They have a large fan base on social media with the aim of raising awareness about some of their products as well as create some income for themselves using affiliate links as well as selling adverts to companies that need exposure. One of the biggest challenges they face today is high cost of shipping from Nigeria all over Africa which has been limiting sales across borders.


Zinc supplements are vital in excessing, protecting and repairing the tissues of our body. It helps maintain our muscles, bones, teeth and skin health hence improving one's immune system.

Jiji is Nigeria's largest classified site which allows anyone to post any item they want to sell or buy. It has a huge list of categories for easy browsing including pets, cars , real estate etc . They have local sites all over Africa in countries like Ghana , South Africa with their head office based in Lagos Nigeria. Jiji also offers services like courier delivery to your door step at affordable prices for both buyers and sellers alike . One can get more information on their website

Benefits of buying a ZINC SUPPLEMENTS (NATURES FIELD) on

1. Search for products within your preferred location or across borders.

2. Cheap prices, get Zinc supplements at affordable prices locally and across the borders using Jiji platform which will ensure you get the best deal anywhere any time.

3. One can easily order for free samples of products before committing to an actual purchase .

4. Secure Shopping experience Shopping on Jiji is 100% safe and reliable since it uses encrypted technology to protect both buyers and sellers alike while shopping online . Also ensures that all your personal information is kept private hence no cases of identity theft reported so far with jiji

5. Hassle free transaction between buyer and seller No middle men, agents or brokers involved hence ensuring fast delivery of goods sold via the platform.

6. Buyer Protection Guarantee Sellers are required to ship your purchased items within 5 days after payment for local deliveries while International purchases have a longer window of 15 days .In case of delays or non delivery , Jiji provides protection guarantee in ensuring that you get a full refund in due time to meet your deadlines .

7. Flexibility in payments and shipping methods The platform offers various ways to pay for goods sold including bank transfer, cash on delivery etc with Shops usually collecting the payment from buyers before dispatching their items to ensure easy convenient shopping anytime anywhere without worries about how you will be able paying for it.

8. Instant updates on sales and new listings Get instant updates on your phone when sales happen across borders.

Reasons why you should buy a ZINC SUPPLEMENTS (NATURES FIELD)on

Shopping for supplements on Jiji is a safe and reliable experience, as the platform uses encrypted technology to protect both buyers and sellers alike while providing a free sample before committing an actual purchase. One can easily order from their preferred location or across borders with cheap prices available locally without having worry about getting scammed since everything goes through real-time inventory tracking system throughout international markets . In addition , you will never have any problems when shopping at jiji site because all customer information remains private during transaction making it 100% secure !

How do I maintain a ZINC SUPPLEMENTS (NATURES FIELD) in Nigeria?

To maintain a zinc supplements in Nigeria , Ensure that you clean and dry your product after each usage and store it in a cool dry place with the lid closed to prevent any further damage .Keep away from moisture and water which can ruin your Zinc supplements. Please don't forget to replace the batteries if needed while storing for future use!


Zinc supplements (natures field) is an amazing product with some real benefits to consider while shopping on Jiji . It usually sells at a cheaper price which makes it affordable for buyers who are looking for best deals online . One can get more information on their website and the jiji app available on google play store and apple store respectively .