Psyllium husk is one of the most commonly used dietary fibers, extracted from the plant, which is mainly cultivated in Northern India. Nevertheless, it is not the location that matter the most here, but the benefits that psyllium husk provides for organism. Among other properties, these seeds are known for being an effective food thickener, for reducing blood cholesterol level, curing mild diarrhea. This fiber has distinctive prebiotic effects and decreases digestive dysfunctions shortly after you include it in a daily diet. Psyllium husk is a strong laxative: it absorbs exceeding liquids in the stomach, promoting regularity of its functioning. Dealing with extra liquid helps to control weight by keeping better track on the amount of food you consume. For people suffering from diabetes, psyllium husk will help to maintain healthy levels of insulin. What is more, scientists proved that up to 8 grams of psyllium husk consumed daily is an effective way to treat Crohn’s disease.

Psyllium Husk in Nigeria

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