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What is a SEWING MACHINES in Nigeria?

A SEWING MACHINE as defined in the dictionary is a mechanical device used to make stitches in cloth, especially by interlocking two pieces of fabric with special needles and thread.} Sewing machines are very important tools for people who want their clothes to look good and be neat. A person who sews has no trouble making different types of clothing and they can sew almost anything and everything. If we gain knowledge about sewing we will become independent because we will be able to fix our own stuff instead of taking them somewhere else for repair or buy new ones. We need sewing machines so that we do not have to go around looking for someone else to do it for us when such thing needs mending...


For most Nigerians, buying a Sewing Machine is associated with sewing. Sewing is an art which requires certain skills to master. But today the market for sewing machines is no longer limited to sewers or tailors alone. Many people are now using sewing machines for different functions apart from mending clothes. Whether you are an expert at this art or new in it, all you need is to learn how to operate your machine properly and safely. You can then use it to make customised dresses, beddings, pillow covers etc.

The machine uses metal threads that pass through two pieces of fabric held together by stitches called interlock stitching (IDS). These specialized threads are passed between the layers on the underside.

Benefits of buying a SEWING MACHINES on

* It saves you the stress of going to a seamstress or tailor whenever you need to make repairs on your clothes or do some other sewing.

* It gives you the power and flexibility to sew what you want, how you want it without having to rely on anybody else for their advice and suggestions.

* You will become less reliant on ready made garments and achieve greater satisfaction from creating items that are unique and not found anywhere else.}

Reasons why you should buy a SEWING MACHINES on

Below are reasons why you should opt to buy a sewing machine on rather than getting it from the market or online store.

* You will get it at a cheaper price

* It is delivered right at your doorstep.

* It also saves time as you do not need to travel far distances to shop for items or visit any particular store for that item. You can shop from the comfort of your home and within no time, the item will be delivered to you by the seller}

{The benefits of buying a Sewing Machine on}

"I buy and sell items that can help me with my sewing needs," Freitas said when asked about her business, "So I thought it would be useful for other people in the same boat as well." The site allows you make international transactions without paying any extra fees or having to go through complicated processes like wiring money abroad (which could add up really quickly). With over 100 million users per month, there's no better place than now!

How do I maintain a SEWING MACHINES in Nigeria?

* Cleaning

* Replacing parts

* Oil maintenance} Maintaining a sewing machine is not a difficult task. It requires that you know what to do and when to do it. Below are some of the steps you can follow in order to maintain your sewing machine .The best thing about mantaining a sewing machine is that you do not need any expert guidance on how to go about it, all you need is time and effort since they are simple tasks. Enjoy them! How Do I Care For My Sewing Machine?


Today sewing machines come in different types and sizes. There are those which you can use at home and others that you can only use in tailoring workshops. The choice of the type of machine to buy comes down to your personal preference as a user. Your budget, how often you intend to use your machine , what you intend to do with it etc. These features will help determine the kind of sewing machine you need. It is rare for a person not to find a sewing machine on Jiji meet their expectations especially when used as intended.