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Home Appliances in Nigeria


A home appliance is basically a product that makes regular domestic duties easier in a home. All the latest home appliances, ensure the family's convenience and comfort.

"Home appliances," according to Collins English Dictionary, are "items or machines, usually electrical, that are in your home and that you use to conduct chores like cleaning or cooking." The definition's broad scope permits practically any product designed for domestic use to be classified as a home appliance, including consumer electronics, stoves, refrigerators, toasters, and air conditioners.

History of Home Appliances

While many appliances have been around for centuries, self-contained electric or gas-powered appliances are a distinctly American inventions. The absence of full-time domestic servants and a desire to eliminate time-consuming duties in order to have more leisure time led to the development of these machines.

Washing machines, water heaters, freezers, kettles, and sewing machines were among the electric and gas appliances available in the early 1900s. Earl Richardson's little electric clothes iron, invented in 1903, gave the household appliance industry a small boost.

The LG 7kg Inverter Drive Washing Machine is one of many home appliance for sale in Nigeria on Jiji. The following are its technical specifications and features


6 Motion™


Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor

Yes (Post DD)

Tub Clean


Embossing Drum


Wash Capacity ( kg )


Max. Spin Speed (rpm)



Variable Temperature(℃)


Water feed (Hot / Cold)

Cold Only

Auto Restart


Standby Power zero


Door Switch type

Auto Door

Door Opening Angle (º)


Drum Volume (liters)


Drum Hole Size (mm)


Drum Lifter

Wave Lifter

Program selector

Dial + Touch

  • Figure indicator (Remain time, temp, RPM)


Delay timer

3-19 hrs

Door Lock Indication


Error Message Indication


Error Message Alarm


Smart Diagnosis™

version 3.0

NFC Download



Unit Only (WxHxD)

600mm x 550mm x 850mm

Box Dimension (W*D*H mm)

660mm x 655mm x 885mm



Weight include packing(kg)



Washing Program

14, Cotton, Cotton Large(Cotton +), Mix, Easy Care, Duvet, Gentle Care, Stain Care, Hygiene, Baby Care, Sports Wear, Dark Wash, Silent Wash, Download Cycle (Default Rinse+Spin), Quick 30

How do you classify home appliances?

Small appliances, big appliances, or white goods, and consumer electronics, or brown goods, are the three sorts of appliances. This classification is reflected in how these products are maintained and repaired. Brown goods typically necessitate a high level of technical knowledge and skills (which become more complex over time, such as transitioning from a soldering iron to a hot-air soldering station), whereas white goods may require more practical skills and force to manipulate the devices and heavy tools required for repair.

How to keep your household appliances in good working order

In order to keep home appliances in top operational condition, they require a certain amount of maintenance. Neglecting care may result in unnecessary costs.

To assist refrigerators in performing at their best: Never put hot food straight into the refrigerator, bring it to room temperature first. Avoid overloading your refrigerator and keeping the door open for long periods of time. In the event of a power shortage, keep the door open as little as possible.

To keep washing machines running smoothly: Once a month, clean out your washing machine with a good quality washing machine cleaner. After each load, make sure to leave the lid or door open to allow the moisture within the washing machine's drum to evaporate. If you find a spill inside your washer, wipe it away immediately with a damp soft cloth.

Microwave oven maintenance suggestions to increase productivity: Plastic utensils should not be used to keep food warm in the microwave because they can melt at high temperatures and destroy the food's contents. When your microwave oven is empty, never use it. It may shorten the appliance's lifespan, and the steam emitted may be harmful.

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