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Lontor Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria

A rechargeable fan is an electrical device that blows air without depending on a direct source of electrical power supply to operate. It comes with a mighty in-built (usually replaceable) battery that needs to be charged from an electric power source.

They are used in homes and offices, and can also be used on camping trips and other outdoor events. It has been created in such a way that in the absence of a direct electric power source, it can operate.

We live in a very hot weather condition in the country with a very bad public electrical supply by PHCN‎. Hence, the reason for the creation of this wonderful appliance/device. With one of these products, you will be provided with cool and fresh air when there is no electricity.

Types Of Rechargeable Fans

They come in different types, the most common types are:

  • Standing Fans

This type of fan stands upright and blows air while swinging to the left or right. You can also station it in a particular direction.

  • Table Fans

They are the shorter version of the standing fan. They can be put on the table and they also perform in the manner of the standing fan.

  • Ceiling Fans

Just like the name, it is a type of fan that is hung on the ceiling of a room. And from there, they spin and blow air roundabout. Most of the time, they can be used when there is electricity and also charge simultaneously.

  • Wall Fans

These are fans hung on the walk and can be operated using a control. They blow air and swing to the right and left while blowing air.

  • Hand Fans

These are also referred to as mini fans. They are very portable and can be carried comfortably with a hand. All you have to do is to hold it up to your face and it blows air without difficulty. Most times they are charged with a USB cord because it has a port.

Advantages Of A Rechargeable Fan

  1. They are great assets for your home or office.

  2. They are very portable. They can be easily moved from one place to another. You can also use them in different places.

  3. Most of them do not come with fittings and fixtures. And this means that they can be mounted almost anywhere.

  4. They are meant to run for a certain moment when there is no power supply. They also contribute to keeping the surroundings healthy.

  5. They use less power when charging so, therefore, they help you lower your electric bills.

  6. It makes living more convenient mostly in times of power outage when the weather is hot.

  7. They come assembled so all you just have to do is get one, plug it, and use it. You do not have to go through the stress of assembling it.

In this article, we would introduce a top brand that you can get a rechargeable fan. Read on to know more!

Lontor Rechargeable Fans

This is a fan manufactured to give comfort to the users and it is one of the best rechargeable fans in Nigeria as of today. They come in different air-cooling features, sizes, and types.

It can be used and also at the same time be charged. So when the power supply goes off, it continues to work. It only switches to battery mode and runs for several hours. And it is also very durable and a reliable product to own.

It can also be used indoors or outdoors. It is a very affordable, energy-efficient fan that runs quietly at high speed

How To Get Lontor Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria

Thinking of buying a good and reliable rechargeable fan? Lontor has got what you want from the various types of rechargeable fans available. There are various types you would consider. Just head on to the Jiji site NOW!