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What is write a brief for STUDENT DESKS in Nigeria?

The design and material of the student desks in Nigeria should be geared towards easy usage, low cost and mass production to reduce primary school pupils' desk-sharing. This will also increase the life span of the desk resulting in lower graders buying new desks every 3 years, which reduces government spending on importing them at inflationary rates. The desk should also have other modules like tray slide or storage box to hold their daily exercise books. The desk should be made available with different colors so as to enhance children's creativity by making colorful designs on it.

What is STUDENT DESKS on ?

Pupils sit on low chairs or stools with writing desks attached. This is restricted to those who have finished primary school as they move to secondary school where they use benches or sit at individual study tables. There are many types of desks available in Nigeria depending on your preference, standard per requirement and budget. The most common type would be the traditional wooden desk which comes in custom-made designs according to preferences although this increases cost because there is the need to import the product from other countries which raises it's prices due to trading rates.

Benefits of buying STUDENT DESKS on

The main benefit of buying student desks on Jiji is the lower price in comparison to other markets. There are also different types of desks available in various materials and designs so you can choose one that suits your preference. Another benefit would be availability in all parts of Nigeria with delivery within 3 working days depending on location. Also, it reduces the cost of importing them from other countries since they are locally sourced at an affordable price. The student desks sell faster when listed on Jiji because most buyers come specifically for office furniture like this. This makes it easily accessible to all people seeking them even those who may not have known about their existence before listing.

Reasons why you should buy STUDENT DESKS

The student desks are made of good sturdy material so they are very durable. They are also easily accessible to anyone who is looking for them which makes them affordable to all. This makes it possible for parents to buy the desks at an early age because they can grow with their child regardless of sex. The desk has high demand because there hasn't been a local manufacturer that has met the requirement of what is needed in Nigeria. This means that people have no choice but to resort to buying imported ones, increasing prices due to trading rates and over spending on luxury items leaving little or nothing for development projects like schools which reduces government budgetary allocation towards education sector.

How do I maintain STUDENT DESKS in Nigeria?

The student desks are easy to maintain because they are made of sturdy material. The only maintenance needed is for the finishing which is paint or varnish that comes off easily. You can do this yourself by sanding it down and painting it again using water-hemp oil paint during dry season. Another way would be to apply photocopy paper over the area on top of the desk where you want to make changes making sure there are no bubbles before covering it with some thing like newspaper and leaving it wet after rubbing gently until the paper peels off. This will leave your table looking new as if nothing had happened.


The student desks are very convenient to use because they are easily adaptable. They come in different shapes, sizes and most materials making it possible for you to buy one that suits your preference. The most common types are wooden gliders which is locally sourced with delivery within 3 working days depending on location. This makes it easier for parents with school going children to purchase them for their child's development without over spending since they have no local supplier close by.